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Flying Super-Synthesizer

Solution to problems.
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Basically, the idea here is to build a giant analog synthesizer, the size of a house. 1,000 oscillators, hundreds of filters, envelope generators by the score, and a massively powerful, all-weather sound system built in. Each would be fitted with a satellite hookup in order to broadcast over the internet, or by toll-free phone line. The machine would be programmed and sequenced via internet by hobbyists who are so smart/boring, they'd do this. Furthermore, each unit shall be equipped with a vertical takeoff engine, so it can fly around the world and blast people with synthesis. With the this year's US defense budget we could build, i dunno, five hundred of these?
mongmaster, May 25 2004


       //Solution to problems.//
For what problem is this a solution?
English Bob, May 25 2004

       Aliens? Arriving in moments? Quick, hand me the Flying Super-Synthesizer!
I'm guessing it's a solution to those kind of problems, as well as world famine relief, Iraq ('n all that) and flatulence in cows.
Fishrat, May 25 2004

       //For what problem is this a solution?//   

       Not enough of these Intersynthoplanes. Also if we defer military spending, it solves the army problem.
mongmaster, May 25 2004

       dictionary.com doesn't recognize Intersynthoplanes.
yabba do yabba dabba, May 25 2004

       //and flatulence in cows//
As a turntable-tastic DJ [Fishrat], you must be aware that the ex duo of the KLF (who allegedly burnt a million pounds) also experimented with low frequency noise. The result was that a farmer a mile or so away claimed that they cured one of his cow's flatulence.
gnomethang, May 25 2004


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