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Garage Pool (billiards) League

Pool league played in garages.
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How about a pool league that uses pool tables located in personal garages instead of pool halls/bars? I used to be very involved in tournament pool. Unfortunately I had to give it up when our first child was born. The main reason was i couldn't bring my family, becuase most tournaments were held in bars/pool halls, which really isn't a family situation. So why not have a pool league where you hold tournaments at different player's garages..rotating to a different garage each time? Minimum standards can be set for table size (since they vary so much) , and of course the clearances required around the table. Standard rules would apply. That way people with families could enjoy their hobby, yet still take them along....
justadesigner, Jun 13 2003


       Not sure a bush pool league counts as a new half-baked idea. It just seems like something you could knock up yourself with a dozen friends on a rainy weekend.
DrCurry, Jun 13 2003

       Well yes, that is sort of the idea. I should have noted that it would be for opposing teams instead of indivdual players. Keeps it more interesting, and adds a bit of strategy to the game. I'm tired of having to beat the same people over and over again. I need some fresh meat!!!:]
justadesigner, Jun 13 2003

       I like it.
I just wish I could afford a table...or a garage.

       It wouldn't be a real bush league if everyone had a "standard table" and "acceptable clearence."   


       Haven't you ever heard Bill Cosby's "How to Win at Basketball"?
ato_de, Jun 13 2003

       Pretty ghey idea... shooting pool in a garage takes too many elements out of the game.
selbedo, Jun 01 2004


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