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Hawkeye the game

Play the shot on with your game controller.
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Hawkeye is the computer that lets us see the shot on from all angles in this years 888 snooker world championship.

I suggest this is made into a computer game so that you can play that shot on your computer while watching tv.

The object is to get the exact same outcome as the player.

Score points, win prizes.

Your score is directly compared to all others playing, it is a ranking event.

I think this would be fun, especially if say fifty million people would be playing at the same time all over the world. Strenght in numbers could lead to some amazing results.

zeno, Apr 30 2008

Hawkeye - Zzap64 Review http://www.zzap64.c...ne=zzap&check=1
...from the golden age of computer games. [link edited] [zen_tom, Apr 30 2008, last modified May 03 2008]


       It's from The Last of the Mohicans. It was the only book my father ever read.
nomocrow, Apr 30 2008

       You're actually not the only one to think along these lines. I recently read about a software company that hopes to capture sports events in real time and broadcast them through a game medium allowing people at home to take part virtually at the same time. For example, the gamer will be able to race a ghost vehicle around Monaco at the same time as the F1 race. I'd link but it's still in development so there's very little about it on the web. They'd probably lap up this idea.
theleopard, May 02 2008

       Nothing to do with a M.A.S.H RPG then?
hippo, May 02 2008

       I get to be Trapper John, I called it!
jaksplat, May 02 2008


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