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Garbage Fingerprinting Agency

Governmental dumpster-diving to gather civil statistics and fight crime.
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The proposed secret Agency would replace the existing garbage-collecting services and in addition to removing garbage it would also collect fingerprints from every item that allows that: bottles, milk boxes, magazines, etc.

The resulting database of fingerprints, even not tied to names and exact addresses could be used for:

- capturing wanted suspects by pointing out the general location of their residence.

- building comprehensive population migration statistics.

- locating kidnapped persons.

- fighting tax evasion (in joint operations with the MFA -- Money Fingerprinting Agency)

- <classified>.

- <classified>.

xipetotec, Sep 08 2007


       they already do this (shudder)
(not my bone)
xandram, Sep 09 2007

       Most identity theft is already from someone going through someone else's trash. I am a paranoid little breakfast, even though my personal wealth is modest at best- I own almost as much as I owe! Shread and Burn! (notmybone either)
the dog's breakfast, Sep 09 2007


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