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Gas Balls

Modern version of the flaming arrow
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Using your standard paintball gun you can launch a devistating barage of GAS BAlls on the Chinese tank rolling down your street. The balls would upon impact spark igniting the gas inside. The ball casing would be the fuse combined with a hard version of napalm that would melt and ignite onces the gas starts to burn. Sold at your local pawn shop all you need is a paint ball gun and a container of GAS BALLS.
10clock, May 02 2005


goatfaceKilla, May 02 2005

       ehh what
10clock, May 02 2005

       On my street ? I don't relish the idea of clearing a jam on one of these..........
normzone, May 02 2005

       you'd want to make sure your paint-ball gun has a plastic barrel so the balls don;t ignite while being fired, otherwise FUN! destructive and anti-social, but fun.
Jawzx, May 02 2005

       I would think you could do this at home. Buy regular paint balls poke a hole in them to drain the paint and then fill them with gas. The tricky part is getting them to ignite on impact. As well as making them only ignite on impact.
10clock, May 02 2005

       Not to mention the gas eating through the paintball's outer shell.   

       What kind of gas are you using? Hydrogen? Propane? Gasoline?   

       All I have to do to take you out is shoot at your gun, causing it to explode rather nicely, especially if it's fully loaded.
waugsqueke, May 03 2005

       Can anyone explain the significance of the nationality of the tank?
sp. "devastating barrage", or is "de-vistating" akin to "blinding"?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 03 2005

       Erm... maybe Chinese tanks run on gas?
david_scothern, May 03 2005

       Instead of gas, how about one of those chemicals that explode on impact? Like nitro glycerin, or those popping things for the 4th of July, that you throw at the ground and pop on impact.
EvilPickels, May 03 2005

       I think accelerating nitro glycerine like that would cause it to explode. Good thinking though. There would have to be some type of non-corodable burnable shell surrounding the pocket of gas.
10clock, May 04 2005

       Its gas not petrol. Its ENGLISH not ENGLANDISH Oh its aluminum not aluuu min EEE umm. The idea still stands. You get a squad of guys with these guns and they could torch anything. For a tank you only need to find the periscopes and burn them out. A hail of GAS BALLS would bring down a tank. They would also be a good anti personel.
10clock, May 04 2005

       And it's "it's" not "its", and it's "anti- personnel", not "anti personel", and it's "would have little effect on a tank", not "would bring down a tank".
Basepair, May 04 2005

       I will have to agree with Unabubba. A gas ball size of a paint ball filled with LNG (assuming you meant that) will not do much damage. How much gas can you fill in a tiny ball, my farts have more damaging power that these tiny balls. More effective inventions are already out there, bottle filled with gasoline etc etc.
neoearth, May 04 2005

       as a paintball fanatic I have to give you a fish on this one..
Paintballs have a short range (if you can hit someone from 200ft and still have the ball break instead of just bounce off of them you sir, have caught Lady Luck's eye). They also have a terrible tendancy to rupture in the barrel at inopportune times, which gunks up the barrel and makes following shots either burst as well or fly off in very unpredictable directions(I've shot a 5 shot group on time that formed a 10 ft. circle while aiming at a target 40 ft. from myself after having busted paint). Which is annoying until you clean your barrel, but by having explosive paintballs it wouldn't be so much as annoying as catastrophic. Better luck next time
scott_r_uber, Aug 13 2005

       I can take you and your GAS balls out by running like a madman and throwing squirrels at you. Dare me.
moPuddin, Aug 13 2005

       I dare you, take him out!.. to dinner or something, somewhere nice so he feels special, ok?
scott_r_uber, Aug 14 2005

       Don't give the rest of the world more reason to hate us americans, 10oclock.
sninctown, Nov 30 2005

       Why is "GAS BALLS" capitalized? Is it an acronym or something or am I just ignorant? By the way, how would the casing be a fuse without making the projectile extremely volatile?   

       Don't drop the rounds, 10clock, or those evil Chinese people in their paper tank will laugh at you.
Rmcgrath, Nov 30 2005

       This is probably the worst idea for a weapon that I've ever heard of. Its worse than...than...well I can't think of anything right now, but yours sucks.
MikeOxbig, Nov 30 2005

       I can see it working, maybe gravol and gun powder in the pellets to be source of ignition. Still as a weapon it would not be more effective anti-personnel then a traditional gun, other then making it a more painful death. Against a tank it would do pretty much nothing. Tanks won't catch fire from the amount of gas in paintballs, But they might look cool as pyrotechnics, a new dangerous toy for immature adults or soon to be blind kids.
i-Mer, Nov 30 2005

       When I have tried loading a paintball gun, I invariably drop a few. Would they explode around my feet? I prefer [UB]'s scrotal flatulence idea, though I am not sure how the gas would be distinguished from a long neglected hernia.
bungston, Nov 30 2005

       This idea sounds like it was inspired by a film.   

       //We just shoot some napalm at the tank and it cathces on fire//
Germanicus, Nov 30 2005

       It's a cool idea, but I saw it in Sypon Filter: Omega Strain.   

       They were called TH3 Blasters. Icouldn't find any info on what gun they're based on, if any.
notmarkflynn, Dec 17 2005


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