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Get yourself involved

A website where you can participate in wars that aren't yours
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Today in the news Nagorno Karabakh area was invaded by the Azaris fighting the Armenians. Israel and Bibi are blamed for arming Azarbeijan with drones that ended the last war. So we are part of this one as well. And the forgetfulness (denial) of the Armenian holocaust is part of the Israeli-Turkish relations.

Also in Today's news, the Tunisian president blamed the Zionists meaning the Israelis meaning the Jews for the Daniel storm casualties, "appropriately" given a Jewish name. The point is that it turns out that Israel and Bibi are actually involved in making some kind of agreement with the Libyan government probably giving them arms or technology to stop the continuation of the Al Qaeda movement which are extremely strong in that country. Following the big mouth of the Israeli foreign minister, the Lybian woman minister had to flee to Turkey. And its that government that didn't take care of the dams that collapsed, although they were warned two years ago.

And then there's India and Modi in Canada, assassinating the head of the Sikh separatists of Punjab. Terrorist organizations used to be proud of that name, but today for acceptance in the media they don't like to call themselves with that name. They have the knowledge and methods for bumping people off. As for countries, Russia and China have the know-how (and the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, but that's an internal job) but Modi is not friendly with any of them. Which leaves only one (extremely) friendly country that sells the technology and information. Mine.

When my mother was a little girl she was in the hospital in a cast from head to toe. The other little girl in the room was glaring at her all the time. Finally my mother asked: Why are you angry at me? And received the reply: You killed God!

But the average halfbaker cannot be blamed for everything that goes bad, so this idea solves that problem. Go to the website and sign up for the wrong cause.

pashute, Sep 19 2023

Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh to Armenians) https://en.wikipedi...ki/Nagorno-Karabakh
Too complicated for too long with too many players. [minoradjustments, Sep 20 2023]

Positive Dialectic ... https://empyreantra...ositive-dialectics/
... has potential, but is really hard work, and, unlike Negative Dialectic, doesn't offer the comfort of "*We* are the Right Side of History, while *They* are the Wrong Side". [pertinax, Sep 20 2023]


       India is the land of peaceful folks who meditate daily and do no harm. I won't even kill spiders anymore because of the preaching of the Buddhists that live there.   

       My dream world is falling apart very, very fast.
blissmiss, Sep 19 2023

       Just in case I'm misunderstood, this is supposed to be a bitter remark about "how did we find ourselves on the wrong side" in a sober world where all sides are wrong.
pashute, Sep 19 2023

       Question answers itself, doesn't it?
a1, Sep 19 2023

       //"how did we find ourselves on the wrong side" in a sober world where all sides are wrong.//   

       Because taking a side offers a facile escape from existential angst (usually at the cost of making the world objectively worse).   

       There may be a way forward through Positive Dialectic (but YMMV).
pertinax, Sep 19 2023

       Have you seen the map of Nagorno-Karabakh? It's totally surrounded by Azerbaijan, and there's yet another unsustainable Azerbaijani enclave in Armenia completely separated from the main body of the country, and that one borders on Iran and touches Turkey. The whole deal is a recurrent international problem. And it's happened again and again, with Russia in charge of guaranteeing free passage between Armenia and N-K. Great choice, huh? Who do we get involved with on this issue? For how long? What do we want there? Who wants us there?
minoradjustments, Sep 20 2023

       //the average halfbaker cannot be blamed for everything that goes bad//

But I thought that that was the whole point of the halfbakery!
DrBob, Sep 20 2023

       Maybe the problem is in the definition of //average//.
pocmloc, Sep 20 2023

Voice, Sep 20 2023

       [pashute] Perhaps a serious halfbaker understands the explanation. More than the average one. Nu?
minoradjustments, Sep 21 2023

       Howdy, DB. So nice to be in your presence. Pocmloc, I believe you are very right, indeedy.
blissmiss, Sep 21 2023

       How, uh, how do we actually participate in the wars? Is it drone piloting? Asking for a friend.
calum, Sep 22 2023

       [calum] I think the website matches you up against people in your neighbourhood who have signed up for the other side, so you can go round their house and beat them up.
pocmloc, Sep 22 2023


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