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Gas Hand

To use in pumping fuel
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This idea came about while attempting to halfbake a better unleaded fuel pump to address splashback and the subsequent fuel on the hands problem. Googling found that there are several pump designs out there that assist in vapor recovery and prevent splashback. I have not seen any pumps like this at petrol stations in Sydney's Etruscan quarter. Instead the nozzle of the pump only half enters the tank and the splashguard is quite ineffective.

Enter the Gas Hand. The Gas Hand is a kevlar flame-resistant glove that is worn when pumping fuel. The glove stops fuel getting on the hands (its main purpose). The glove can then be lit, either in a controlled situation like in an in-car unleaded petrol heater, or in uncontrolled situation like giving the service station attendant a 'flaming bird'.

Exhaust from the in-car heater is expelled via the car's, um, chimney... ?

Lacus Trasumenus, May 17 2004


       + how about a polypropelene (sp?) attached glove right on the pump handle, slip your fingers into it. of course I'm missing the real point, being the flaming bird.
dentworth, May 17 2004

       A flaming anything in a petrol station sounds like bad news to me!
MikeOliver, May 17 2004

       i'd make that deal quick if i were you as your present car is gonna be a burnt out heap, with little trade- in value the next time you go for a top up.
etherman, May 17 2004

       [Mikey O] there wouldn't be anything flaming near the pump. Either in the car heater, or out the window as you drive away. Surely that is enough to address your concerns?
Lacus Trasumenus, May 17 2004

       Well if you are far enough away from the pumps then i suppose that would be ok.
Perhaps the fact that the leaky pump might have splashed all down the side of your car and on your clothes would be a greater cause for concern?
MikeOliver, May 17 2004

       [dentworth] I like your version of the idea, but like you say, it doesn't allow for a semi-safe 'flaming bird'.   

       Really, the problem is only a minor one, a bit of vapor on the hands and an occasional overflow when the automatic cut-off is a bit slow, has nothing to do with the car, and would be far better solved by upgrading to better pumps. But that is something I don't have control over...
Lacus Trasumenus, May 17 2004

       Actually, the fiber you want to use is Nomex, not Kevlar. <mulling over the use of 'Etruscan', and whether there is such a thing as an Etruscan Quarter in Sydney, and whether the lack of a particular pump in such a place--if such a place existed--would in any way be meaningful>
ldischler, May 19 2004

       Nomex and Kevlar are trade names for aramid fibers that are pretty similar. They're both almost impossible to melt or ignite.
the_art, May 19 2004

       Not quite. Both are aramids, but Kevlar is para, while Nomex is meta. Nomex performs better in high heat, while Kevlar is much stronger. Typically, you see Nomex used in suits and gloves for race car drivers.
ldischler, May 19 2004


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