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Gas Pump Slots

Poker Petrol Pump
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At the filling station, at the end of the line of pumps, there lies the Slot Machine Pump. Feelin' lucky? Then give it a try. After putting in some money (or swiping your credit card), you pull the lever on the side of the pump and the slots begin to spin. You might win slightly reduced prices, halved prices or even (JACKPOT!) free gas! Of course, there's also a chance of having to pay extra, or double. Slot symbols are all automotive-themed: gas cans, punctured tires, oil drums, lemons.
DrWorm, Jun 23 2010

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       Does the quantity of fuel vary with the result of the spin?   

       Is the free fuel jackpot an unlimited quantity? Can I turn up with my 5,000 gallon tanker and keep trying?   

       If you want to gamble on the roads, drive around with no tax disc (or equivalent in the uncivilised world). If you win, you save the cost of the disc. If you lose, you face the penalty. You also get to use your skill in avoiding the police. Much more exciting than a one armed bandit.
Twizz, Jun 23 2010

       I assume that the slot pump would have a limit to the amount of free fuel that you can get.
DrWorm, Jun 23 2010

       If I play the slot machine pump, and it says "pay double," how much fuel am I required to buy?
goldbb, Jun 23 2010

       Knowing my luck I'd win a fill of unleaded when I'm in my diesel van.
Tulaine, Jun 23 2010


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