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Gas fireplace with moving logs

The most realistic gas fireplace ever built
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This gas fireplace would have the following features:

Speakers behind it would generate highly random fire sounds.

In concert with the above the ceramic logs would move on robotic limbs to simulate settling.

Gas flues in the ceramic logs would concurrently release pockets of gas to make actual little explosions of fire. There would be many such flues, such that the location of the next "pop" would be unpredictable.

Paths would be planned for the logs to create a wide range of pseudo random configurations over time.

Voice, Nov 02 2015

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[normzone, Nov 02 2015]


       And maybe this time we won't make them from asbestos.
popbottle, Nov 02 2015

       Asbestos is good for you [pop]. In fact, in combination with Plutonium, Mercury and Tetrachlorodibenzyldioxin, it can be used to manufacture the elixir if eternal life.   

       But if course the Government have covered it up.
8th of 7, Nov 02 2015

       Well I kind of expect a rotisserie log turner so your ceramic logs are always turning for that more even heat.
travbm, Nov 02 2015


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