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home nuclear heaters
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Since natural gas prices have gone up so much, it might be much cheaper for us each to have a small nuclear heater. Sure, it would be heavy, with the lead shielding and all, but consider how much heat such a thing might put out, and the cost might be pretty reasonable too.
badraig, Jan 15 2006


       This isn't much of an invention but it is halfbaked as would be the residents.   

       This general idea has been posted here a few times usually suggesting pebble bed reactors which are likely the most realistic reactor in terms of size and manageability.   

       Finally, a title that reflects the idea in a specific way is much more helpful to readers. The title "heater" isn't very useful to anyone browsing ideas.
bristolz, Jan 15 2006

       Is there any reason communities close to nuclear power stations couldn't be heated by the plant's waste heat via piped coolant water? For safety, there could be a triple redundant, monitored heat exchange system (three discrete systems, in series, exchanging heat before the final one leaves the plant and is pumped around town)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 15 2006

       First, you have to persuade people to live fairly close to the plant.
moomintroll, Jan 15 2006

       <slaps forehead>   

ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 15 2006

       Pay a little extra for the natural gas or risk radiation poisoning. Decisions, decisions.
DVineMissEva, Jan 17 2006


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