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Gatling Hood Flute

auto-repeating lo-tech audio hood ornament
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This is kind of a combination of Truck Flute and Gatling Whistle: a hood ornament that plays a repeating series of notes via a cylinder with fan blades. Every car should have one. I was just stuck in 25 mile an hour stop-and- go traffic for an hour and thinking how nice it would be if every once in a while you were to hear the dopplar shifted yodel of a passing Gatling hood flute.
JesusHChrist, Sep 21 2012

I like this idea - here's another contribution to musical traffic... Cement_20Truck_20Mu...Ice_20Cream_20Maker
[normzone, Sep 24 2012]


       Or Alpen horns fastened on vehicle roofs yodeling away.
Lessor Spotted Kiwi, Sep 22 2012

       A large series of Alpenhorns could be used as a brake; on desiring to slow, the aerodynamic plug for the air inlet would be moved, and the increased air resistance of the open horns would convert your truck's kinetic energy directly into melodious sound.
bungston, Sep 24 2012


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