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Fingercot noisemaker

Get more out of that digit.
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The fingercot noisemaker fits snugly over the fingertip. On the tip of the fingercot is a button. On the side is a switch, allowing you to choose between a variety of noises. When the button is pushed, the noise comes out. Use the fingercot noisemaker to punctuate your gestures! Preprogrammed sounds include "scratch" (sounds like raking a shag rug - good choice when scratching yourself), thump (sounds like a giant banging on a big door - good choice for tapping your finger impatiently), fart (a good one for poking someones belly) and many others. All for $5!
bungston, Oct 26 2006


       The problem with those cheap toys is that the sounds lack that full body, true life-like volume and come out sounding like your best friend yelling at you through two dixie cups connected by a string from about three houses, an old oak tree, and a dilapidated barn apart.   

       Perhaps have it just be a remote to activate your speaker enabled clothing, when said clothing is not in Psy-Ops Clothing mode.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 26 2006

       Remarkably mild, considering what I would have expected a Bungco Fingercot to do.
lurch, Oct 26 2006

       What noise did your finger just make plish?
Chefboyrbored, Oct 26 2006

       Hmm. This is my first day so I don't know anything, about anyone. So please forgive my naive question:   

       Are you on crack ?
Raithah, Oct 26 2006

       In that case, one big buttery, crack-dusted bun from me.   

       Can it make a jackhammer/pneumatic drill noise when one is picking one's nose?
Custardguts, Oct 26 2006

       Go ahead... push my finger....
MoreCowbell, Oct 27 2006

       // Are you on crack ? // Is this a typical question posed by newbs? LOL
MoreCowbell, Oct 27 2006

       You could have a squeaky one for when you clean your ears.
phundug, Oct 27 2006


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