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Hugging duvets

A voice activated duvet that can hug all the night through
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basically it's a normal duvet but it has a grid of light and bendy strips inside, controlled by the voice of whoever is sleeping in the bed and with a voice recognition option. If you're feeling a little lonely or just chilly, tell the duvet that you'd like a hug and the strips will gently bend and move to bring the duvet closer to your body in a hug-like action. This could also be used with babies who feel much more secure when they are being hugged and therefore are more likely to sleep soundly.
Miss Weston Smith, Aug 16 2002


       //This could also be used with babies who feel much more secure when they are being hugged and therefore are more likely to sleep soundly//
I smell a lawyer's wet dream
thumbwax, Aug 16 2002

       for the babies I'd recommend a guillotine instead. Kills 'em just as fast, and painlessly! No crying to wake you up.
watermelancholy, Aug 17 2002

       ugh, and people think I'm sick!
Miss Weston Smith, Aug 17 2002

       Reminds me of when I was a kid and wore long nighties to bed. I'd roll over and over in my sleep and my nightie would get so tightly wrapped around me that I'd wake up almost unable to breathe.
Helium, Aug 17 2002

       mothers used to swaddle their babies when they were very young i.e. wrap them tightly in a sheet. I suppose it makes babe feel he/she is back in the womb and safe. it also helps prevent some sort of startle reflex but I am unfamiliar with that. when baby is a few weeks old, it is better to allow it to have free movement.
po, Aug 17 2002

       I spent five nights alone (key word) in a hotel a few weeks ago and if this thing would have been on the market, I would have bought two of them -- one to have in case the other one malfunctioned. There is nothing more sterile, lonely and frightening than sleeping alone in a strange place, especially on a mattress that was apparently constructed of Styrofoam. I had startle reflexes aplenty, I'll tell you. Excellent idea for the solitary traveler as well as the bed partner of a blanket hog (and who knows what amount of desperate, awkward "touch hungry" coupling it might prevent among the unwillingly single?)
banshee, Aug 17 2002


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