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Infinite Sheets

Never have the covers pulled off again...
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A solution to this nagging problem: You go to bed nice and warm and toasty, only to wake up freezing! What happened? The covers are all wrapped around that significant other, who's lying there, sleeping like a baby. Instead of excuses like, "I didn't know I did it, I was sleeping." I propose:

Infinite Sheets

At first this might seem to be physically impossible, but the Infinite Sheet can be simulated by mapping the standard 2-dimensional sheet into 3 dimensions. The Infinite Sheet will be cylindrical, and it will fit around the bed, so when that special someone pulls the sheet off you, they will also be pulling more sheet onto you!

MotoMannequin, Aug 25 2001


       OK, it sounds reasonable enough if you want to be covered constantly all night long. I don't think it would work well for me, though. When I go to bed, my body temperature is uncomfortably warm, so I kick off the sheet and blanket. After I am asleep for 2-3 hours my body temperature has dropped sharply and I am uncomfortably cold. I would need a way to get myself out from under the covers without losing my ability to get back under them later -- while still asleep.   

       Perhaps a better solution is to have 2 independent sets of covers, with each anchored semi-permanently at the outside edge and loose in the middle of the bed to allow for temperature control, cuddling, and any other bedtime activities as needed.
BigBrother, Aug 31 2001

       aaaah - ya beat me to it Big Brother
thumbwax, Aug 31 2001

       How about a single set of sheets with a "tear-away" centre line of Velcro, and anchor points at one or both sides of the bed?   

       When your bed-mate begins the jelly-roll manoeuvre, [r-r-r-r-r-ip!], she gets her half, while you stay nicely covered. Until then, you have a fully functional two-person cover, suitable for all the stuff [BB] mentioned.
MrWrong, Aug 31 2001

       Velcro always sound so great until your skin scratches on the sharp hook parts and wakes you back up!   

       With a nearly square queen-sized fitted sheet, it should have stripes so you can remember every time which way you make your bed. Or better yet, print sheets that say "Top" Bottom", "left side" "right side" center line. They'd probably sell quite a few to people who are tired of guessing... TallPat Sept 31, 2001
TallPat, Sep 01 2001

       Why not solve all of the problems in one!! with electronics!!! As the night progresses, and your body temperature cools, have a sheet that adjusts it's temperature accordingly. Goodnight.
MrBubbles, Sep 01 2001

       Just make the duvet big enough to overlap the bed to some significant degree and then tie weights on the ends of lengths of string to each corner. With civilized sleeping partners, the duvet is free to be moved up and down and side to side because of the slack in the corner string. If either party attempts to pull the duvet too far to one side however, the weights are lifted clear of the floor and thereby act to pull the duvet back to the rest position.
gravelpit, Sep 01 2001

       I never understood why people have trouble with the grab and turn thing. I do the lift and roll thing even in my sleep.
Helium, Sep 01 2001

       I just came here to post this. Thanks for taking care of that for me. [+]
ericscottf, Mar 16 2008

       It'd be simpler just to have a bed-sized sleeping bag, no?
qt75rx1, Mar 17 2008

       Love the Idea, but definately needs to be marked with a clear and consice centerline so we can finally know who the "cover stealer" is, once and for all.
MikeD, Mar 19 2008

       my wife and i just have two sets of bedcoverings. she HAS to have her electric blanket (even in the summer) and I can't stand the feel of anything but cotton (my quilt). we each then have separate comforters.
copycat042, Mar 21 2008

       I thought of this tonight. Circumferential sheet. It seems good.
bungston, Sep 01 2010

       I had a very similar idea. The enhancements you have left out are   

       1) Heated rollers on each side of the bed so hot duvet is always incoming.   

       2) A roller and gear mechanism which rotates the bottom sheet in the opposite direction to the duvet. This makes rolling over really easy.
martbert, May 06 2015

       what about hooking a power generator to the sheets.   

       i am sure some couple sleeping habits are enough to charge a phone
mofosyne, May 06 2015


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