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Google Directions Movie

Video amalgam of choice moments in directions
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For Google Directions, instead of just still images next to the text directions, have an option to just play a movie of a series of clips of the decision moments you have to make at each turn, merge etc. I visited a relative a few weeks ago who had been in the army and really knew how to train someone in directions. As he was driving us around he would stop talking or interrupt the person who was talking and point out key decision making points outside the car, so that when I had to do the really complicated series of steps on my own later that day I had no problem.
JesusHChrist, Mar 22 2011

Streetview Timelapses http://ejtaal.net/streetview/
[mitxela, Mar 24 2011]


       Nice idea cheese!   

       To help Simpleton remember the path like a breeze,
perhaps a rhyme is what he needs.

       At the bronze French-fry? No fright!
you want to make a right!

       Now, to turn on the video, is all that's left...
Just pointing out that at this point you actually Act To A Left!

       Created automatically by Google Rhymes
Helping you get where you need to, on time.
oops, that doesn't rhyme.
pashute, Mar 23 2011

       >I might if the video showed actual turns and not just points...
//Just _pointing_ ... _act u a l_ eft.
Means you should turn left, when you hear the word actual, at this point. Sorry if the point was not actually clear. I'm sure you could use google.clarify on google.rhymes to remember the google.directions.
pashute, Mar 24 2011

       hmm, surprising google hasn't sub-let all that streetview stuff to games developers for driving games.   

       Or for the more idiomatically inclined (like Armando Iannucci's empirical testing of axioms) when someone gives you the old saw "yeah, well, walk a mile in their shoes" you can reply "Yep, did it online, in streetview".
not_morrison_rm, Mar 24 2011

       I expected this to be a video clip of a one of the indigenous people giving verbal directions, complete with accent and colloquialisms.   

       "Two mile darn thar - thar'll be sum sheep. When yew sees the pretty one, tek a left. Then tek the right a moile before tha bridge. Thar'll be oright, bor."   


       "Yew don't wanna start from 'ere"
Twizz, Mar 25 2011

       ..although it would help with the old Jasper Carrot line when he asked for directions in a strange town, and they guy told him to turn left where Woolworths used to be..seeing as the pics on streetview are always going to be a bit behind the times.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 25 2011

       I was thinking you meant the whole trip. Imagine a file that is mostly the M4. Not good, not good at all.   

       Might be handy to have interesting landmarks even if they're on straight bits too.
saedi, Mar 26 2011


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