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Menu Advisor

The Living Menu
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You may have chosen the restaurant based on a trip advisor or yelp recommendation.

But for up to the minute useful recommendations, point your phone's camera at the menu and run the Menu Advisor, which will show you curated (from social media and direct in-app interaction) recommendations, thumbs up, and comments about the specific dishes you are looking to order.

theircompetitor, Mar 17 2018


       This is a great idea, but it would need a lot of input from consumers.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 17 2018

       I’m not really comfortable with being in a restaurant, but among the few times I’ve been in one and ordered something [1], whenever I’ve asked the staff what they would recommend I’ve always received not only excellent service but excellent (and plentiful) food. I kind of think it might be helping them by not ordering something they really don’t like to prepare or aren’t comfortably confident they can do a good job with due to ingredient availability. Or, more like, if they already have a whole big batch of something on the go, there’s minimal resistance to preparing my dish and I get given a good serving of whatever it is.   

       Beyond that, food is food, it all tastes the same, what minor differences in shape and feel and colour are irrelevant details once it is being eaten, and there’s pretty much nothing I don’t like or can’t eat, except meringue and Maltesers and honeycomb (all three of which are like trying to eat chunks of breezeblock), so it doesn’t matter what I get.   

       It’d be interesting if there were a variant of this app that went down that route – a kind of “what are you already in the process of preparing a whole lorry load of”, or “what do you, the chef(s) enjoy preparing” or even the inverse “what would you recommend avoiding because you don’t like to have to do it, or you don’t think the technique or ingredients are up to it”. Questions directed at that sort of lemma.   

       [1] Obviously, only when there’s discount vouchers to make it affordable.
Ian Tindale, Mar 17 2018

       I only believe recommendations from friends. Everything else can be generated by bots that imitate non-existent people.
xenzag, Mar 17 2018

       // I only believe recommendations from friends. //   

       Impossible. Everyone here knows you haven't got any friends.   

       // Everything else can be generated by bots that imitate non-existent people. //   

       Shhh, you'll put [IT] into an infinite loop again.
8th of 7, Mar 17 2018

       //Beyond that, food is food, it all tastes the same// You are a blind man standing before a rainbow. Except of course I mean tasteless rather than blind, and not a rainbow but some really delicious food.   

       Which raises an issue I've always wondered about (independently of considering [IT]). There is definitely a large percentage of people - mostly over the age of 50 but not exclusively so - who just don't get food. What I mean is, they don't seem to get any enjoyment, surprise, or laughter out of flavours. Their highest form of praise is "that was nice and tender" - even if it was a piece of boiled chicken that tastes like damp blotting paper. It's as if they have no sense of taste, or have somehow learned that it's rude to pay attention to flavours. But flavours are so unavoidable that I don't see how they can be like that. It's genuinely strange.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 17 2018

       Curry. That's the stuff. You can't ignore a good curry.   

       You can tell it's good if your earwax melts and dribbles down the sides of your head. Blurred vision, difficulty breathing, and short-term memory loss are encouraging signs that it is a "good" curry. Muscle tremor and nosebleeds mean it's the genuine article.   

       Curry. You know you want it.
8th of 7, Mar 17 2018

       If you don't like that chicken, [MB], I'll have it for lunch tomorrow.
pertinax, Mar 17 2018

       I like this. I think it tasted great. Good one, comrade.
blissmiss, Mar 17 2018

       There are flavours in food, of course — ready salted, chicken, bovril, hedgehog, cheesenonion.
Ian Tindale, Mar 18 2018

       //Curry. You know you want it.// Come back Dr. Curry. The halfbakery needs you.
xenzag, Mar 18 2018

       //Blurred vision, difficulty breathing, and short-term memory loss are encouraging signs that it is a "good" curry.//   

       I knew there was something wrong with the official story that the Russians were responsible...
Wrongfellow, Mar 18 2018

       Who's been adulterating the methanol with capsaicin again?
pertinax, Mar 18 2018

       This would be great for the restaurant as well. If they're serving excellent food but the cake is always just a little dry this will point them to that area that needs improvement.
Voice, Mar 18 2018

       I guess it could be funded on a subscription model which pays restaurant workers to let on when the potato rostis tend to have the mold wiped off before hitting the microwave.   

       //food is food, it all tastes the same//   

       Get yourself a small tortilla, top with fried chicken, strips of cucumber and spring onion. Drizzle with Hoisin sauce, roll up and eat.   

       //Curry. You know you want it.//   

       Making a good curry is hard once the aim is not to make your stomach bleed. So long as you serve with a dash of lime juice, a splodge of butter and fresh coriander you're at least half way there.   

       Food is food and can be extremely tasty. Its everything else that is redundant.   

       I still haven't tried my bag-o-carrots recipe though which involves boiling many carrots in minimal liquid - stock and red wine. A quick trip under a high grill and top with parmesan.
bigsleep, Mar 18 2018

       Leon: “A tortilla? What’s that?”
Ian Tindale, Mar 19 2018

       {not noticing Leon}   

       ... lime, yes, butter, coriander, yes, but also ginger, garlic, fresh chilli in moderation ...   

       Nicely chilled beer may also help.
pertinax, Mar 19 2018


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