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George Formby's Lullaby Baby Pram

pram that plays lullabies as you wheel it along
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I had to wheel a pram containing a baby recently. It occurred to me that the motion of the wheel axles could be deployed to rotate a series of pin wheels, similar to the ones used in jewellery boxes to produce continuous music.

Here's how this idea works:
There is more than enough room on the axles on the type of pram (where the wheels are connected in this way) to accommodate ten pin wheels on each axle along with their combs that generate the sound. (see link if you don't understand how these work)

On the handlebars of the pram, a selector enables any of the 20 music generating pin wheels to be activated so that the pram is not playing the same tune over and over again. Baby is treated to the sound of the lullaby via some speakers embedded under the carrying area.

Lullaby Baby Pram is also capable of playing pin wheel versions of any particular tune of choice as these can be ordered and easily slotted into place on the axles. This means that for those so inclined, jewellery box versions of Black Sabbath may also be played, along with the traditional lullabies as you stroll along.

As the lover of a great variety of trashy tracks, I'm looking forward to treating my friend's new baby to music box style renditions of George Formby's Greatest hits.

xenzag, Dec 05 2021

https://www.youtube...watch?v=COty6_oDEkk how the pin wheel mechanism works [xenzag, Dec 05 2021]


       Nice! I like the "old school mechanism" of it. Of course, this being the 21st century, most people will expect a small generator in the wheel hub powering a connected device or bluetooth speakers...
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 05 2021

       They will, but this is better.
pertinax, Dec 05 2021

       Goddammit, I can't find the George Formby Bacon Fax Machine on the Internet Archive. RIP blank bacon.   

       Croissant, though!
calum, Dec 05 2021

       Was it one of Tindale's?.... rem he deleted his entire account. Damn!
xenzag, Dec 05 2021


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