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Pac-Man Baby Stroller

It's yellow.
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Standard baby-carriage sporting top and bottom half-shells, which open and close symmetrically through a mechanism off the wheels (like a push mower) which also drives the wakka-wakka sound. An inner shell, suspended from the frame, keeps the infant level, throughout. Equipped with bicycle-type settable handbrakes (and optional push mower).
FlyingToaster, Aug 10 2015

http://27.media.tum...bx1qb6ltho1_500.jpg [doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2015]


       Oh yeah.
blissmiss, Aug 10 2015

       I envision a video with a gothly blue hued young person standing there looking gothic. The sirens play. They are the sirens from when Pacman eats a power pellet but out of context might not be immediately recognized. Then a person pushing a Pacman carriage runs up, rams the goth who tumbles into the carriage, moves off the screen.
bungston, Aug 11 2015

DenholmRicshaw, Aug 11 2015

       Why has this never happened?? I find it surpassingly obvious, but I never did think of it myself. When the little abstergences come along, they'll ride inside the yellow glow as long as their bodies fit. SUATMM. [+]
absterge, Aug 11 2015

       This would be awesome and brilliant, but possibly only for the first couple of hours.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 11 2015

       ^ ... at which point you could turn off the animation and sound and be left with a decent bright yellow pram.   

       Did I mention that, if you take out the inner liner, it can be used as a portable drinks cooler ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 12 2015

       An exhausted parent forcing an irritable infant through driving rain with the added effort and embarrassment of an absurd Pac-Man contraption may be forced to re-evaluate their decision to procreate. I can't see a down side.
bs0u0155, Aug 12 2015

       /embarrassment/ OK then. A Dig Dug stroller.   

       Actually now that I think of it, Dig Dug would be a very appropriate name for the baby.
bungston, Aug 12 2015

xandram, Aug 13 2015

       not a yolk then?
po, Aug 13 2015

       not a yolk... unless you wanted to put frilly white curtains around it, but you could repaint it as a smiley face.
FlyingToaster, Aug 14 2015

       / This would be awesome and brilliant, but possibly only for the first couple of hours. /   

       Perhaps only offer them through a "rent for a day" program at the local playground. Take it back before it bores.
popbottle, Aug 15 2015

       Can it have VR ghosts, dots, and power-ups?   

       And does it come in car size?
Voice, Aug 17 2015


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