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Geriatric Nintendo

Setup the old geezers to play games and communicate
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Having connectivity via the internet could have its advantages for the elderly, creative input devices, headsets, headphones, eye movement sensors, team players - is all that would be needed and a very big (and growing) number of seniors would again have a voice, and a purpose.

I thought of this while watching my grandparents in a nursing home environment, one could see the TV, the other could hear it - together they could have certainly communicated (even if it was just down the hall) with others and also played games. It would have given them something to do - instead of just sit there.

Once this takes off, imagine the % of vote they will have! (Wont be long for e-vote) Another plus is they could get together and solve problems - the wisest people, with the most experience are just sitting, in homes, no input on issues - they go unheard. I say Geriatric Nintendo! Gettem going, gettem active, gettem communicating... even if it takes a group of five or more to work it.

athome, Jan 22 2005

"It's Never 2 Late", Colorado http://www.itsnever2late.com/
Provides assistive technology to elderly, disabled. [jutta, Jan 22 2005]

"Clicksilver", East Bay, California http://www.voluntee.../orgs/org30701.html
Mission is to "facilitate Internet access for seniors in residential retirement communities and to build connections among residents." [jutta, Jan 22 2005]


       There is a bit of local, existing industry in this space, but nowhere near enough.   

       If you can really make the interfaces robust enough to simply give people with little mobility more reach - without having to call tech support after every power outage and being overwhelmed with viruses etc. - you'd seriously improve the quality of life for a lot of people.
jutta, Jan 22 2005

       I think a good first step for seniors is an email machine, like Mailstation.
robinism, Jan 22 2005


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