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everybody is different

going to your Doctor because you feel great .
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How about personal baseline tests when you feel the most healthly so your doctor has a your personal biological reference points .

Maybe you could be sent to the physiology department of your local University to be baselined by groups of students . This would give the opportunity to do some more complete tests and also supply a greater dataset on the population .

wjt, Nov 10 2008

For the doctorophobe. I_20feel_20great!
Nameless elf commotion. [daseva, Nov 10 2008]

everybody IS different... http://www.lindasog.../village_people.jpg
[xandram, Nov 11 2008]


       Yes, sort of. There is already a concept of "normal values", and in a way, the medical profession's job should be to stop people getting ill rather than improve their health, and not by giving everyone statins and aspirin either. I can, however, envisage a couple of problems. One is that a lot of bipolar people might end up going to their GPs, so you might end up with something like monoamine levels getting distorted. The other is that medical condition, common among us men, which is unaccountably not known as hyp*er*condria, as in "women get sick and men die". Actually, this is a good thing because it means men would actually go to their GPs, because they were "not ill".   

       Therefore, [+]   

       By the way, is there a "science:health:key to scriptures" category for Christian Science ideas?
nineteenthly, Nov 10 2008

       I'm not different.
borisbarp, Nov 10 2008

       //hyp*er*chondria// would be disease thought to originate in the upper thorax.   

       Supposedly traditional Chinese medicine works like this; the doctor sees patients regularly, and is paid, when they are healthy. That way there's no incentive to the doctor for people to be unhealthy.
spidermother, Nov 10 2008

       Yes, well supposedly I work like that, in that people were originally supposed to buy into a CAM co-op with a yearly membership fee, then have an entitlement to a certain number of consultations and treatments for "free", but it didn't bloody work, did it?   

       And yes, indeed that would be hyperchondria, but by the same token hypochondria would often be a liver problem. Maybe hypochondriacs are lily-livered?
nineteenthly, Nov 10 2008

       [borisbarp] -yeah, but you're the only one.
lurch, Nov 10 2008

       // yeah, but you're the only one //   

       Oh no he isn't.   

       As for the idea, it is not without merit [+].
8th of 7, Nov 10 2008

       I am Spartacus and I feel fine. +
xandram, Nov 11 2008

       I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK.
Spacecoyote, Nov 11 2008

       Oh, the dress, yes .... but that handbag, with those shoes ..... ? We don't think so !
8th of 7, Nov 11 2008


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