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 (+1)  Anti groping accessories 
   Auto self-CPR 
   big bloody looking bandages 
 (-2)  Blood fluke celluvores 
 (+3)  Californada 
 (+7)  Crowdsourced Medical Imaging Analysis 
 (+3)  Dehydration Verification 
 (+4, -2)  Dental OB/Gyn 
 (+3, -1)  Doctor Gym 
 (+9)(+9)  Eumalometry 
 (+10)(+10)  everybody is different 
   Gender-neutral History and Physical 
 (+2)  Generic Oral Rehydration Salts 
 (+5, -1)  Geriatric Nintendo 
 (+15)(+15)  Glove Glove 
   Health C.O.W. 
 (+2)  Health insurance buyback 
 (+1, -4)  Health insurance genetic discount 
 (+5, -1)  Human-specialised Vets 
 (+2, -4)  hybrid universal health insurance 
 (+5)  In Sickness & In Health-o-Meter 
   Lifetime Health Grant 
 (+2, -1)  Man d-aid 
 (+4, -2)  Mandatory End-of Life Instructions 
 (+6, -1)  Medbooth 
   Medical Queue-Jumping Auctions 
   Medical Records Database 
   Medicare Health Fund 
   Never Never Retirement Home 
 (+2, -1)  Non-Punitive Discount 
   Obligatory pro forma insurance for American Cavemen 
   Offshore HMO for Airlines 
 (+10, -29)(+10, -29)(+10, -29)  Pay doctors by health of patients 
 (-1)  Pay Hospital for Coverage (instead of insurance co.) 
 (-1)  Privacy Health Card 
 (+4, -1)  Reduced Premiums 
 (+3)  Retire to the Holiday Inn 
 (+1)  scavenged copper wire, dissolved, cures lice 
   State health insurance plans compete with private insurance 
 (-1)  TV Licence as subsidy for gyms 
 (+6)  use of TSA to screen breast cancer among other illnesses 
   vegan healthcare investment 


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