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Gestalt wallpaper

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Paste and cover the walls of a guest room with protruding wallpaper that emits a symbolic configuration and hypnotic pattern of elements including the occasional ink blot.

Dim the lights.

Sleep well.

(Amend. Ok, it's a blend of Gestalt and Rorschach)

skinflaps, Jun 16 2006

Dot to Dot http://skazat.com/j...gestalt_circles.gif
[skinflaps, Jun 16 2006]

Wallpaper Search http://www.decorate...llpaper/default.asp
If it's possible, it's probably already here... [thirdcherry, Jun 17 2006]

Gestalt property Emergence http://en.wikipedia...Image:Emergence.jpg
The famous dog picture. You're only seeing something because your brain combines lots of small insignificant things into one explanation. But not particularly hypnotic! [jutta, Jun 17 2006]

Rorschach Inkblot test http://en.wikipedia...schach_inkblot_test
Much more hypnotic, but not part of Gestalt psychology. [jutta, Jun 17 2006]

http://www.ritsumei...itaoka/index-e.html [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 17 2006]

Gestalt Therapy And Hypnosis http://aaknowledge....ternative/11231.php
[skinflaps, Jun 17 2006]


       What's the difference between that and other wallpaper? Most good designs for repeating patterns have some sort of sense of gestalt, otherwise they wouldn't pattern properly.
thirdcherry, Jun 17 2006

       I see what you're saying.
skinflaps, Jun 17 2006

       Maybe you mean "Rorschach Wallpaper"?
jutta, Jun 17 2006

       Maybe something like this link? Definitely hypnotic but not a good room to enter after one too many.   

       I think that you've gotten the picture.   

       I find it quite hypnotic with a touch of eye strain.Maybe a product line of Rorschach wallpaper should be introduced and made availiable within all good DIY super chains?   

       [2 fries] that's pure evil, I wouldn't spend more than 45 seconds within a room with that wallpaper.
skinflaps, Jun 17 2006

       Oooo this would hurt [-]
moomintroll, Jun 17 2006


       - I have a brother in law, we all have relatives, people, neighbours ...   

       be honest here! drive 'em mad.   

       skinflaps is allowing any images for your OWN bedrooms.
po, Jun 17 2006


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