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Genetic Code Wallpaper

Display your genome on your walls.
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For those who enjoy avante-garde home decor and have oodles of cash, what better way to blow your money than to pay for an organization to sequence your genome and display the results on the walls of your 32,000 square foot mansion. Printed in 0.1 point microfont, the four billion nucleotide sequence, labelled in detail, should entertain guests for upwards of fifteen minutes. You can show them into your foyer, where they can observe your Alu insertion, or lead them into the dining room, where they can examine the frameshift mutation that led to red-green colour blindness, a trait that has remained in the family for generations. Profits are used to further genetic research.

Those with lower budgets may opt to have only a few select genes sequenced.

Cuit_au_Four, Dec 12 2005


       //for upwards of fifteen minutes// That long? I suppose so, if they were ex train-spotters - "Say, isn't that a defective heart gene over there? I saw one of those in '04, or was it '03?"
Ling, Dec 12 2005


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