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lead textures

Get Xray pattern, use data to compute wanted pattern, spray paint lead wallpaper.
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Any reduction of n dimensions to a lower n-1 dimensions loses information. The n-1 is a simplification/generalisation of n.

Using this, an X-ray machine reduces 3D density into an xy density 2D picture, If the 2D visual picture has a filter, what really is there can be warped, by lead pointillism, into something else.

What if a Xray was taken of an item, in the most probable orientation, and this data was then processed to give another visual result. Computation of tensors is pretty clever these days using workstation graphics cards. The filter that the computation would spit out would be the spray pattern of lead to be placed on a wallpaper. The wallpaper to be placed in the plane of probable 2D Xray processing.

To all intensive purposes. the Xray would look like the thing that it is wanted to look like rather than what it actually is.

Of course six wallpapers could be used, but to simulate all cubic views as one entity this would take some serious FLOPS.

And then again, angular staging could be used.

wjt, Mar 09 2021


       //six wallpapers could be used, but to simulate all cubic views// That would only work for six possible combinations of plate and source. At which point unless you have identified the six positions, why not stick with one?   

       Is the source inside, or outside? Or either side? There are parralax issues to consider depending on either which way.
pocmloc, Mar 09 2021

       sp. parallax
pertinax, Mar 09 2021

       Think how a border officer places an item on the conveyor belt.
wjt, Mar 09 2021

       Are we trying to conceal an object from an x- ray machine by hiding it behind the leaden silhouette of a larger object?
pertinax, Mar 09 2021

       I think so - or maybe adding lead in a certain pattern to an object to make it resemble another object; e.g. to make the gun in your luggage look like a typewriter. I'm not sure it would work; you'd need to be ready to answer the question "Why have you got a lead typewriter in your luggage that looks a bit like a gun?".

Anyway, it's got "intensive purposes".
hippo, Mar 09 2021

       //Why have you got a lead typewriter in your luggage that looks a bit like a gun?"// Well officer, you see, I found these lovely offcuts of wallpaper in a charity shop and I thought, "yes! This will be very nice for lining my gun case... sorry my suit case. Yes, and then I put all kinds of bits and bobs into the S-U-I-T-case for the journey home. They all seem to have fallen out along the way and no I don't know who might have put this metal thing in there instead. Do you think it is a gun? I have never seen a real gun before. Can I touch it?
pocmloc, Mar 09 2021

       The wallpaper has to be good enough to fool the officer into thinking the Xrayed item is what the declaration says it is. True, once opened, the con is up.   

       Patterning high energy is still an important ability.
wjt, Mar 10 2021

       When you talk about "patterning" the high energy, do you just mean selectively blocking it, or is there cleverer stuff going on here involving, say, interference patterns?
pertinax, Mar 10 2021

       Like an X-ray hologram!
pocmloc, Mar 10 2021

       Excuse me a moment while I go and tenderise my brain meats.
pertinax, Mar 10 2021

       ... So ... are you using lead dots to diffract the x- rays, somehow?
pertinax, Mar 11 2021

       Lead dots to block Xrays. The wallpaper + item doesn't internally look like item.
wjt, Mar 13 2021

       Can you, perhaps, repost this without the vague handwaving and jargon, in order to have it make more sense?   

       Yeah? That'd be great!
UnaBubba, Mar 13 2021

       Nope, can't hand a criminal illusion on a lead wallpapered plate.
wjt, Mar 13 2021


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