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Get Even

Shoot out the tires of drivers who annoy you
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This is an illegal device, (rightly so) born out of frustration. A small air gun, modified to fire short, hollow darts, mounted on a rail, to be attached to the front undercarriage of my car. This operated by a joystick inside my car, with a LCD for aiming. Next time I get upset at a driver, for whatever reason, I just maneuver behind him, aim at his tires, and drive away. Because of the nature of the dart, in about 2 miles, he should be nursing a flat tire, (if I feel very vindictive, two)
senatorjam, Sep 21 2002

Car Wars http://www.sjgames.com/car-wars/
Not recommended for implementation in real life . [DrBob, Sep 23 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Songs Of Distant Earth http://www.cduniver...e=music&PID=1101504
More music with which to mellow. [Amos Kito, Sep 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       yeah but if you were still stuck behind them two hours later, you'd also feel a little deflated.
yamahito, Sep 21 2002

       Hopefully, by that time, I would have been long gone, getting upset at someone else...
senatorjam, Sep 21 2002

       I've been shot at while travelling 65 mph - bullet missed my head by less than 2 inches.
thumbwax, Sep 22 2002

       Yeah but you live in Venice, don't you? Practically asking for it.
General Washington, Sep 22 2002

       Hmmm, I see 5 ideas in the category and, [TW] would you have given a croissant had the bullet not missed?
bristolz, Sep 22 2002

       This needs a new name - I suggest:
Flat That Twat

       (or prat if that last one's not in common usage wherever you may be)
yamahito, Sep 22 2002

       No - had been in Venice 15 minutes prior to shooting, though. Just drunken messicans proving their machismo.
thumbwax, Sep 23 2002

       This is the wimpy way out. Blow out their tires and take off? C'mon, be a man!   

       Blow out their tires, and follow them 'til they pull over. Then get out of your car and go smash in their windows. Sheesh, at the very least, pound your fists on the windshield and scream. Just imagine how much better you'll feel, with that delightful mix of testosterone and adrenalin coursing through your temples.   

       Fishbone. Kee-riced.
waugsqueke, Sep 23 2002

       So, you never let him pass?
bristolz, Sep 23 2002

       maybe the problem is you, senator.
mihali, Sep 23 2002

       you know, I'm pretty sure it is.
senatorjam, Sep 23 2002

       Bliss, I guess this is a really crappy Idea, based upon the number of bones littering my PC screen, and I will therefore be deleting this idea. but b4 it goes, can you please explain //best bacon ever//?
senatorjam, Sep 24 2002

       This is an invention [bliss] and, as such, can be here. If it offends you, or just makes your eyes roll uncontrollably, click in the opposite direction.
bristolz, Sep 24 2002

       //Pink is fattening//

Ah! I wondered what had caused it. I'll have to cut down on my daily intake.
DrBob, Sep 25 2002

       Stick to the 007 method of attacking them with spinning blades from the wheels.   

       Have a fishbone. Maybe if you don't like it you can mount a rail to the top of your idea and shoot at it with small darts.
NickTheGreat, Sep 25 2002

       shame noone explained about the bacon really.
stilgar, Jul 13 2004


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