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itunes box set coupon

I bought it already, don't make me feel like a chump when I buy it again.
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Sometimes I buy my favorite series on iTunes. But when the entire season is out, maybe I want to buy the box set too.

But then I feel like a chump. I already bought the thing, I feel stupid buying it again, even if there are bonus features and better resolution.

So here's what I propose. What if, when I buy a Season of a tv show on iTunes, I get a coupon for a token amount (say, $10) off of the DVD box set price.

It isn't much, but I would feel a bit better about the double purchase.

Or alternately, maybe they could make a special package deal: But the season on iTunes along with the box set for a reduced price.

Then maybe I wouldn't feel like such a chump.

talldave, Jul 04 2008


       I think this is a short-term problem. As I understand it the latest generations of iTV and the like mean that you get the same data as the DVD or HD disk anyway, so eventually the idea is you will only need to buy one thing.   

       The disk, box-set or whatever is only a storage medium. Eventually I can see them 'streaming' everything into one box instantly, so you can just decide to watch 'any show' whenever you want. The lines between owning a copy of a movie and just watching it are getting blurred.
mecotterill, Jul 05 2008

       perhaps a certificate that you've bought a license to own a copy of <movie x> and can send in proof-of-purchase and your old media to the copyright holder for a rebate second time 'round, considering you've already paid for it the last time .... yeah I see that happening.
FlyingToaster, Jul 05 2008

       This idea would be redundant, if only it weren't for that pesky copy protection and copyright DRM...
Jinbish, Jul 05 2008

       I would never use it (or admit to using it) but I hear a program called DVD43 will let you bypass DVD encryption.
talldave, Jul 05 2008

       Some Blu-Ray discs come with a coupon for a rebate if you have already bought the DVD version of the same title.
Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008


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