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Heat reflecting roof tent

It's like a parasol for your house
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The summer sun beats down mercilessly on your roof. You can see the heat waves rising off its surface, and you wonder if those shingles, while adequate for keeping out rain and snow, are really any good at keeping out the heat.

Time to put up the roof tent.

Depending on the application, the roof tent may be tethered along the perimeter of the roof or secured to poles on ground. The tent's material withstands storms and gusts of wind as its white (or otherwise reflective) surface casts a shadow on the home and bounces that nasty sunlight away.

ShaneSezWhat, Jun 06 2014

How about a more solid colored roof? http://upload.wikim...asa_Grande_1098.JPG
If the roof was white on one side and black on the other, you could flip it over depending on the time of year. [Vernon, Jun 06 2014]


       Air passing between the fly and the roof would also have a cooling effect.
oneoffdave, Jun 06 2014

       I've always wondered why our rooves are so antiquated. Why are we still using building techniques from the early 1900s?
DIYMatt, Jun 06 2014

       or a parasol for your RV, Boat Trailer, Picnic area, Barn, factory, school, funeral home, church, clinic, car lot or...   

       Across the street is a mobile home with two conventional roofs. Don't know why. And near is a solar roof not over anything at all.
popbottle, Jun 07 2014

       //Why are we still using building techniques from the early 1900s?//   

       Largely because of conservative building regulations and planning laws.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 07 2014

       [V] actually, knowledge gleaned from from those "can you get hotter than the sun" posts, in the winter you'd want to put the foil on at night to bounce heat back into the house, in the summer during the day to keep it out.
FlyingToaster, Jun 07 2014

       Best is to get solar. That's what I used to tell.
xkuntay, Jun 09 2014

       Some people plant deciduous trees on the south side their hour for this purpose. In the summer the leaves block the sun. In the winter the leaves are gone, allowing sun to enter the house.
davem, Jun 10 2014

       People with holes in their roofs pull those blue plastic tarps over them. A fine experiment would be attic temperatures with or without the tarp.
bungston, Jun 10 2014


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