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Giant's Plastic Causeway

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Plastic hexagonal blocks that can be interlinked and stacked to make your very own Giant's Causeway at home.
simonj, May 03 2010

the real Giant's Causeway http://en.wikipedia...auseway_closeup.jpg
[simonj, May 03 2010, last modified May 04 2010]

Recycled Rubber Paver Blocks http://www.alibaba...._Green_Hexagon.html
Starter components for your own Giant's Causeway are currently available in green or red. Pavers are approximately 290mm across by 23mm thick. [jurist, May 03 2010]

Devils Postpile National Monument http://en.wikipedia.../Devil%27s_Postpile
Impressive [8th of 7, May 03 2010]


       And then you can play with your Finn MacCool action figure on it!
DrWorm, May 03 2010

       [+] for the action figure. Presumably its back opens up to receive capsules of slightly psychoactive sugar syrup to be secreted via a pipe down inside the figure's arm and into its hand?
pocmloc, May 03 2010


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