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Glittery holiday air levitated ball tree

At a science museum you may have seen a ball, stably floating, on a column of air. Just make a holiday glitterball tree version!
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At a science museum you may have seen a ball, stably floating, on a column of air.

I think this could be holidayized with reflective spheres and a tree made of pipes to have a plurality of levitating spheres at the branched shape, why not a few hundred?

3D print the tubing tree.

beanangel, Dec 06 2016

Floating ball video https://www.youtube...watch?v=mSDxFyLhyp4
I thought this was WKTE, although it is only the background for the Idea here. [Vernon, Dec 07 2016]

How you could make them travel around the tree as well. https://www.youtube...watch?v=axTZuB0Lra8
Blow them at an angle then drop them into the next stream next to and below it. [doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2016]


       //holidayized// Word/notWord?
blissmiss, Dec 06 2016

       [blissmiss]; I would spell it "holiday-ised", but that's just me being a pedant...
The meaning is obvious to most, so I say let it stand. And it's [beanangel], so weird wordiness is to be expected (no disrespect, [beanangel]; your posts have become a lot easier to read of late).
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 06 2016

       /few hundred/ Don't know the formulae but you might want the tree to make music to drown out the noise of the blower. Bag pipes?
wjt, Dec 07 2016

       "And with that admission, your Honour, we submit that the case against [wjt] is proven beyond reasonable doubt. We call for the Death Penalty".   

       As to the idea, it's actually quite good.   

       A tree of tubes, covered with fake foliage. Upward pointing nozzles, with small concealed "cups", along the branches. Integrated wiring and LED/laser lighting.   

       When powered off, the ornaments (balls) rest on the cups. On power up, the balls rise and hover, twisting and rolling in the airstream.   

       This has the potential to be a really attractive, quirky product.
8th of 7, Dec 07 2016

       On [wjt]'s behalf, Your Honour. The idea stated /stably floating, on a column of air/ Well a vacuum is loud if you want 100mm rise from a table tennis ball. Dividing the air flow by a hundred, well ... your rebuttal, Mr Prosecutor.
wjt, Dec 07 2016

       Big, low-speed fan. Wide bore pipes. Small, carefully profiled smooth nozzles.   

       Termination with Extreme Prejudice, your Honour, and that's better than he deserves. It's his blatant and shocking use of the taboo word "Bag pipes" that is particularly offensive and prejudicial to his case.
8th of 7, Dec 07 2016

       "I love your Christmas tree with the hovering ornaments!"   


tatterdemalion, Dec 07 2016

       [+] But only if the centre pipe with pilot light extends to grandpa's armchair.
bigsleep, Dec 07 2016

       Why not modulate the air flow a little to make the balls bounce up and down? Something like slow-turning fan blades could be used for this.
Alvin, Dec 07 2016

       I like the idea, but would like to see a large distance between bauble and pipe. Otherwise you may as well use springs and swivels. I think [8th] would have multiple nozzles per ball not unlike a air hockey table.   

       A Makita demonstration, I went to, showed you can get quite a lean away from upright and still hold a volleyball aloft using a leafblower. Only Makita's, mind you.
wjt, Dec 08 2016

       If you use fast-acting valves (and possibly a "latch" mechanism to hold the ball) you could do dynamic "launch and catch" tricks, either vertically (on one nozzle) or angled to go between nozzles.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 08 2016

       Blower can be far away with air conducted thru aforementioned pipes. LASERS should point up thru pipes in air column.   

       Thinking about turning it off - balls will bounce everywhere. Maybe it could be in a pool. That would also prevent people from coming up and putting those whee whistles and fart kazoos on the pipes. Not that anyone would do such a thing.
bungston, Dec 08 2016

       Great idea, this would be mesmerizing to watch.   

       As for the noise, just crank up the Christmas carols to drown it out.   

       You could also have all the balls travel around the tree by having the tubes blow at an angle. Turn the air off for a split second and have it drop into the next air stream. A weird thing about this coanda effect suspension is that the blower doesn't have to be right under it.   

       So you could actually have the balls bouncing and dancing around the tree for added effect.
doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2016

       Add some solenoid valves and put a whistle in each nozzle. Then the tree can play tunes as the ornaments bob up and down.
8th of 7, Dec 09 2016

       Handfuls of small, paper snowflakes could be thrown into the air intakes to go, more-or-less, in an endless loop.
AusCan531, Dec 09 2016


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