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Gift Management

Website that manages and automatically delivers gifts
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How's this for lazy.... How about a website where you can enter all of the names/addresses of individuals with whom you need to mail cards/gifts to for the coming year and pre-select all of their respective gifts so they are automatically mailed as the Birthday/Holiday arrives.

This will ensure that you never miss your Grandma's birthday and also allow you to get all you shopping done in one shot. It seems like a function that could easily be added to Amazon or other gift-related site.

Would anyone else use something like this or am I just pathetic?

jimmyhoffa, Feb 14 2008

Mitsukoshi gift selection page (need kanji character set to view properly) http://www.mitsukos...ayindex&genre_cd=10
[ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 14 2008]


       I'm surprised there isn't a service like this, for "scheduled dispatch" of gifts. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 14 2008

       Isn't this why one employs a butler?
coprocephalous, Feb 14 2008

       If it could spread the payments throughout the year and also choose the gifts itself (perhaps by choosing the most popular gift in your price range for other people of the recipient's age/gender, etc.) then I'd sign up in a shot.
lostdog, Feb 14 2008

       Partially very baked in Japan where there is the tradition of new year and mid year gift exchanging. All the department stores have gift sections where one can supply a list of recipients and allocate a gift to each from the special selections displayed.   

       The store handles everything else - wrapping (beautifully, beautifully wrapping, I mean seriously beautiful, tasteful, georgeous, wonderful, stunning presentation wrapping) and delivering all your gifts. The stores have had this same service on their websites for many years.   

       Your idea is a slight expansion of this concept in that you propose scheduling for a range of occasions throughout the coming year - I think this service would be utilised by the chronically organised obsessive personality, rather than the pathetic personality.   

       Also, you'd better hope you don't pass away just after paying for your full schedule - talk about messages from the grave!!
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 14 2008


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