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Grocery Laser Tag

Speed up the checkout process
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As you enter the queue with your full cart, waiting for your turn to pay...

A band of kids (or adults with playful minds) are hidden in the ceiling & floor with laser guns. They get points for every bar- code they can scan from a distance.

Then, when it's your turn to checkout, most of the items are already rung up.

If you put your loyalty card & payment card within sight, you may check out even faster.

If the labor's too much, you could have the kids operate the laser guns remotely, via their phones, while they are bored in class, & wanting to get more fake internet points.

sophocles, Mar 31 2014


       //Then, when it's your turn to checkout, most of the items are already rung up.//   

       ... but must all be scanned to identify those that aren't.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 31 2014

       Yes, [MaxwellBuchanan], but we could incorporate scales into the carts, and then use weight to calculate if your cart is fully scanned or not.   

       (Self-checkout stations use scales to do this, item by item. For customers who want to check out faster, they just need to ensure that the bar codes are all visible. They have an incentive & time in line to do this.)
sophocles, Mar 31 2014

       And to correct for the misses that caught the two fillets mignon and the twenty dollar box of kitty litter in the background.
MechE, Mar 31 2014

       //most of the items are already rung up// ... several of them twice.
Wrongfellow, Mar 31 2014

       I would ring up the family size chitterlings for each and every customer.
bungston, Mar 31 2014


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