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Gimballed makeup seat

...for trains, and buses, and that.
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So I was on the underground, right, and there was this woman redoing her mascara as the train rattled along. And my second thought was, "She needs a gimballed makeup seat on properly damped suspension. Then she'd have somewhere to sit which isn't wobbling around with the train, and she'd be able to sit and do her makeup without the strong likelihood of poking herself in the eye."

My *first* thought was "Woah! Crazy lady!"

moomintroll, Jan 23 2006

With a sign next to it, like this. http://moominply.mu...hotos/photo/3/1.gif
I know it's a bit big to be stuck on as an illustration, but... [moomintroll, Jan 23 2006]

Steadicam http://entertainmen....com/steadicam1.htm
Howstuffworks.com, "The articulated arm essentially acts as a shock absorber..." [half, Jan 23 2006]


       Who cares?
moomintroll, Jan 23 2006

       I was thinking of the Steadicam rig as a good example of what I thought you meant -- some sort of articulated arm.
half, Jan 23 2006

moomintroll, Jan 23 2006


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