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Horizontal-Slide Driver's Seat

For those who need to air out their bat wings.
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Many people drive alone in their car, but the passenger seat still takes up as much room as it does. The passenger seat should fold to the back, and the driver's seat, along with steering wheel, console, and pedals should be able to shift to the center of the car.

That way, one can spread 'em, stretch back and smile while driving. It would give you that race car feeling of being in the middle, but would allow you the comfort, even in a really small car.. well, depending on how tall you are anyway.

twitch, Jun 08 2007

(?) Citroen Concept Car http://www.citroen....sser/c-crosser.html
Sliding steering unit, no pedals [neutrinos_shadow, Jun 12 2007]


       //Many people drive alone in their car// Apart from one's chauffeur, of course.
coprocephalous, Jun 08 2007

       Is there noone here that suffers from the discomfort of a cramped car? I know I wish I could spead 'em.
twitch, Jun 12 2007

       If you're going to provide a slide mechanism for all the controls as well as the pedals, why not let it slide all the way to the other side of the vehicle, for those occasions when you visit a country that drives on the other side of the road?
Cosh i Pi, Jun 12 2007

       People have special Mail Delivery vehicles with similar positioning of steering wheels to deliver the mail on the other side of the road.
xandram, Jun 12 2007

       Sure, let it slide to the other side! Whatever floats your boat.   

       If you're just visiting a country... would you bring your vehicle? I guess if you were borderered to that country, and not on an island thousands of miles away from anything.
twitch, Jun 12 2007

       I thought this would be a driver's seat that slides sideways during turns to enhance the experience (maybe it could rotate slightly to bank, too.)
jutta, Jun 12 2007

       This would be good in an instance where you get stopped by the cops. Just slide the controls over to the other side of the car and blame it all on your passenger
Jscotty, Jun 12 2007

       My idea was only to have it slide to the center, so I could dry my balls out after work. That's it.
twitch, Jun 13 2007

       My dad built a car with all the controls on the steering column, and hinged it to flip from side to side, back in 1974. Nice.   

       Back on topic: Bun.
baconbrain, Jun 13 2007


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