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Headrest Wig

A virtual buddy!
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Lonely commuters! Foreign tourists! Wish you had company in the car, or at least look like you did? Now you can! BUNGCO is proud to introduce the Headrest Wig, or H-Wig. This device can be installed in place of the conventional passenger seat headrests. From the rear, it appears to be the profile of a head, complete with hair. Many models are available including Blonde Babe, Mr T, Mike Jordan, Carrottop and others. From the rear, it will look like you have a tall passenger along with you. If you chance to pick up a real passenger, the H-Wig doubles as a safe and comfortable real headrest.

BUNGCO is offering a special deal for those who order now: with the purchase of 2 H-Wigs get $20 off on Big Bob the Car Dog. Fill you car with virtual buddies and never feel alone! Order now!

bungston, Jun 29 2004

HOV dummy http://seattlepi.nw...2241_robert14.shtml
[luecke, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

best flipping David ever, apart from no 1 son of course. http://www.wsoccer....ers/s/seaman_david/
drool... [po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Animatronic cell phone http://www.halfbake...onic_20cell_20phone
[bungston, Oct 05 2004]


       make mine a mullet.
po, Jun 29 2004

       See link. I would suspect that this could encourage more of this behavior. (+)
luecke, Jun 29 2004

       Does it talk? Could have a built in cell phone so you can talk to an actual person.
kbecker, Jun 29 2004

       [kbecker] - we at BUNGCO are glad you asked. For little more that 8 times the cost of a set of 4 H-Wigs, you can purchase the Animatronic Cell Phone! Carry on conversations, secretly oogle virtual cleavage, and use the carpool lane as you like!
bungston, Jun 29 2004

       And a stuffed hand on the end of the armrest for holding ... silent conversations?
FarmerJohn, Jun 29 2004

       For the police who sit and monitor the number of people in each car to determine if you are allowed in the HOV lane (MA thing) could you come out with a virtual buddy detector? Bungco could make extra dough. +
sartep, Jun 29 2004

       [-] Just don't see the point. Sorry. You listed this as being useful for two reasons.   

       //Wish you had company in the car//. If having a concave, fake head in the seat next to you satisfies your need for company, you need help.   

       //Look like you have company//. Think about this. People in other cars don't give a crap if you have company. And even if they look at you and say 'what a loser, he's by himself'...you'll never know they said it, and you'll most likely never see them again anyway.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 29 2004


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