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Give coins first

Cashiers give customers coins first, then bills
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When most cashiers give you your change, they give you the necessary bills, then as if you holding these bills in your hand was some sort of container, drop the coins in. This often leads to coins slipping off the smooth surface of a bill and is a pita to put this configuration of money in your wallet with one hand while you hold your food/whatever in the other.

Instead I propose cashiers count out however many coins are needed and hand these to the customers to let them drop it in their pockets/wallets. As the customer did this, the cashier would count out the dollars and hand them to the customer after the customer dealt with the coins.

This process would not be significantly slower than the normal way of giving change and would prevent most coin spillage accidents.

calculust, May 07 2003


       This is an idea?   

       (If I give coins, I always give them first, because exact change needs more careful counting out. Then again, I'm not a cashier.)
DrCurry, May 07 2003

       This is a rant. Kind, thoughtful tellers and cashiers already do this.
And I do sympathize, [calculust].
k_sra, May 07 2003

       //leads to coins slipping off the smooth surface of a bill and is a pita//
Redefines *pita bread* doesn't it?
thumbwax, May 07 2003

       I hate spilling my coins too. The paper can go straight in the trash, but I count every coin.
DrChucky, May 07 2003

       This is a rant with a big, red, ranty hat on.
my face your, May 07 2003

       Tell them to put the change in your mouth and the bills in your hand. Problem solved.
oatcake, May 07 2003

       Not to be overly logical, but: I thought the bills-first thing was so both you and the cachier could see that you were getting the correct amount of change.
Ander, May 08 2003

       I'd rather hand the cashier my wallet and let her put the bills directly in ther for me.
phundug, May 08 2003

       [phundug] then she hands you which one back first -- the change or the wallet !!?
mahatma, May 08 2003

       this is just consumer advice, surely. hardly original.   

       reminds me of the milk into the tea or tea onto milk argument.
po, May 08 2003

       Yea in the olden day...... we'd count out the change as in: Thats 73 cents makes 4 dollars (then count the bills... and $5 (handing back a $1) $5 makes $10 and $10 makes $20.00 Thank you and have a nice day!!   

       Now the cashiers just look at the monitor and give it back just as it reads"$16.73" change to save from having to do math. But still not as bad as when they continue to put MY $20 bill in the register and then give me change for a $10 instead of holding the payment out first... but alas
Codyd2, May 08 2003

       //Tell them to put the change in your mouth and the bills in your hand. Problem solved.//   

       I thought it was bills in your mouth and change in your hand?
DarkRanger, May 08 2003


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