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Keep the change

Let customers donate the change on checkout
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Checkout lines frequently have little coupons you can scan that will donate $1, $2, or $5 to a charity as you scan groceries. This approach is missing an important market: men who don't like to bother with change. This proposed coupon will round up the cost of the shopping trip to the nearest dollar, removing the need for change. For those like to keep quarters, but don't want to bother with smaller change, the round-up could be to the next quarter. There might even be an option to skip the pennies.
ches, Dec 20 2003


       Baked in a very lo-tech form: a big jar next to the register you toss your change into.
krelnik, Dec 20 2003

       Nice idea, and happily it's baked. Many shops (McDonalds spring to mind as an international example) let you deposit your change into a charity box on the counter.
Fishrat, Dec 20 2003

       Its baked in the fact that the customer has to all change to the respective charity collection jar ... haveing the cashier do it fo you would certainly speed things up.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 20 2003

       What if you did'nt like the particular charity that store was supporting ?
python, Dec 20 2003

       I assume you're describing *change* in the numismatic form.   

       // This approach is missing an important market: men who don't like to bother with change.//   

       It's missing one other important market: women who don't like to bother with change.
thumbwax, Dec 20 2003

       [krelnik] It's not exactly "Baked in a very lo-tech form". With Ches's idea, the cashier doesn't have count out change and theirs no clunky transfer of money.   

       Especially helpful in the drive-thru. Unfortunately, it sounds like it's baked...
Th3Lung, Dec 21 2003

       Yeah, this eliminates the need for the cashier to sort out the correct amount of change only to have you dump most of it into a jar afterwards. +
KLRico, Dec 21 2003

       At my register I usally have people throw dimes and nickles in the *penny* bowl
dickity, Dec 21 2003

       my change usually ends up in the charity box, so might as well not count it myself, and save the cashier time too.   

       but what if some charity-crazy cashier starts charging 5 bucks more per check-out? the horror!
irollerblade, Dec 22 2003


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