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Healthy groceries report

Print a nutrition and environment report on your grocery receipt
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Print something actually useful on your grocery receipt. Might be something like:

Nutrition summary: Total protein: 800 grams Saturated fat: 700 grams Unsaturated fat: 900 grams Total carbohydrates: 12000 grams Salt: 5000 grams This is enough food to feed a family of four for three weeks. The salt and fat levels are very high and unhealthy for people with high blood pressure and overweight. You bought more meat, more processed foods, less vegetables and less fruits than 78% of the population.

Environmental impact: The packaging on your groceries consumed 37 Kwh of electricty at a cost of approximately $3.70. You can save 1.5 cubic feet of trash space and $1.70 in future electricity costs by recycling your: tissue boxes, cereal boxes, soup cans, soda bottles, milk cartons, juice cartons, packaged food boxes, frozen food aluminum trays, prepared food containers.

With grocery store affinity cards, the report could be cumulative, point out trends.

lee, Sep 05 2006

[half]'s take on this subject. Nutrition_20Receipt
welcome to the hb, lee. [po, Sep 06 2006]


       Since the trend is headed in direction of labeling nutrition values, I belive it is a ql idea. That way we could even solve the problem of not knowing the nutrition value of a whole meal(mixed ingridients).
dr Theory, Sep 06 2006

       what's ql mean?
po, Sep 06 2006

       I think if your family ate 5 Kg of salt over the next three weeks it might kill them. Just a heads up.   

       And what if I am stocking up on saltines and beer, and I buy all my produce at the farmers market? Who do I get to tell to mind their own business, I get plenty of vitamins?
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 06 2006

       only useful if it includes everywhere I shop, and thats more information about me then I want industry or government to have.
Voice, Sep 07 2006


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