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Globe Risk

The popular board game Risk in globe form
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I thought it would be really interesting to have the game Risk in globe form. It would have to be fairly big, and the undersides of the pieces would be magnetic. The globe would rotate on 2 axes.
gamecraziness, Jul 23 2009


       I swear I thought this was posted before.   

       In my experience Risk can cause a lot of emotion, yelling, overturned boards etc and so I think it might be dangerous to have axes handy.
bungston, Jul 24 2009

       Assuming that one axis is the real one, through the poles, where would you put the other axis? No, not through Rome and Berlin, because that would be silly and lopsided.
pertinax, Jul 26 2009

       On an equatorial ring; it would be handy not to have to crane one's kneck whilst conquering antartica
pocmloc, Jul 26 2009


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