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Custard Court

You *have* to keep moving
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Recently I watched a repeat of Brainiac: Science Abuse, and I found out the interesting fact that you can walk on custard. If you stay in one spot, you sink.
Now, I think it would be hilarious fun to have a hockey court made entirely of custard. The rules are exactly the same as regular hockey.

The goalies will be on regular ground (only on a small strip infront of the goals), seeing as they can't move very far, and it would be difficult with all that gear on.

I think the custard on the court shouldn't be very deep, otherwise it'll take ages to get sunk players out.

Yes, throwing custard at other players gives the other team a penalty shot.

froglet, Aug 03 2005


       A game for large Jesus lizards.
ldischler, Aug 03 2005

       How would the puck/ball move about? Would it not be impeded by the custard?
pooduck, Aug 03 2005

       Good point. I reckon if you made the puck/ball out of something with little friction, or cover it in something slippery (like, I dunno, butter), it would probably move around with ease.
froglet, Aug 03 2005

       Hmm not sure if that would work, unless the custard was hot in which case the butter woud prevent any kind of gloop-factor between the ball and custard.
pooduck, Aug 03 2005

       these marshmallow pucks are delicious.
benfrost, Aug 03 2005

       The puck could vibrate.   

       I just like the idea of a bunch of big giant hard-ass hockey players running around on custard. I would definately buy season tickets even if it was just a game of who could stay up the longest. -sold [+]
Gryph, Aug 04 2005

       Not only a brilliant idea, but a brilliant idea involving custard! Yay!
moomintroll, Aug 04 2005


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