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Glove Love

Mitten Magnets
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Really, one glove is as useless as no glove* (unless you are a crazed, egomaniacal, regressed pop-star). Keep the dag-nabbers together for crying out loud. Magnet in each cuff... just don't carry your credit card up your sleeve.

* pair four and counting

k_sra, Jan 28 2004

Stringed Mittens http://www.purplesk...roducts/AM00521.jpg
[Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       [k_sra}, just coat your hands in glue and dip them in shredded fleece.
oneoffdave, Jan 28 2004

       Shredded fleece? And I'm supposed to have a vat lying around?
k_sra, Jan 28 2004

       <note to self> Not everyone has vats of fleece. Also stockpiles of dryer lint are rare</note to self>
oneoffdave, Jan 28 2004

       No, even on a bulletin board I can't say it+
theircompetitor, Jan 28 2004

       "pair four and counting"
If you're only losing one of each, then surely you have 2 pair remaining? Or do you always lose the left one? Oops, now I get it. You're a woman. You probably think that paired articles of clothing like gloves (or socks) need to match in order to be worn at the same time. ;-)
half, Jan 28 2004

       Sometimes I lose one, sometimes both. It's in the averages...Umbrellas are another big money drain.
k_sra, Jan 28 2004

       I've simply given up on umbrellas. It's just water.
theircompetitor, Jan 28 2004

       [k_sra] Sounds like you need magnets on the umbrella, scarf, handbag...
FarmerJohn, Jan 28 2004

       [tsuka], you've hit on it precisely. I've been planning it for weeks. Crochet a long strand a little longer than my arms and thread it through my coat sleeves.
k_sra, Jan 28 2004

       Surgically attach a leather coating to your hands.
Detly, Jan 28 2004

       tsuka -- RFIDs, baby. track every glove & sock. Doug Adams sure missed that one :)
theircompetitor, Jan 28 2004

       I especially want to use 'em to open the freezer without using my fingers. Just because.
dijontoothpaste, Jan 28 2004

       (watches [dijon] using glove love power to climb up a metal light pole, just because)
Worldgineer, Jan 28 2004

       //Also stockpiles of dryer lint are rare</note to self>//

Not in this house, dave.

How about velcro, [k_sra]?
lintkeeper2, Jan 28 2004

       [lint], Not as streamline. (read: pretty)   

       Actually, [DrCurry] came up with a velcro glove idea which was meant to seal the gap between glove and sleeve.
k_sra, Jan 28 2004

       but if you lose them, you lose them both.
y4, Jan 28 2004

       Buy yourself the most expensive gloves you can find. Try to spend a few hundred on them.   

       Guaranteed you'll be damn careful not to lose one of those.   

       (This also works for umbrellas.)
waugsqueke, Jan 28 2004

       //Or buy a few hundred pair of cheap gloves and not give a shit.//   

       that is more of a "me" thing to do. I wouldn't buy them all at once, but if I lose one then I just have a good reason to go buy me another pair of cute cheap gloves. ;)
babyhawk, Jan 28 2004

       Glove Love? I thought you were thinkin' along the lines of _Yellow Submarine_.
spacecadet, Jan 28 2004

       + For the name. Now please figure out how to implement this for socks such that each sock sticks to its mate, but not other socks.
AO, Jan 30 2004

       Yarn connecting them running up each pant leg? You'll have to put your socks on before your pants.
Worldgineer, Jan 30 2004

       That might get a little iffy in the crotch, [World]. But thank you for the laugh.
k_sra, Jan 30 2004

       I buy gloves by the box of 100, and they are ambidextrous. Just thought I would share.
moPuddin, Jan 30 2004


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