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Gloves With Fingernails

Take back your dexterity
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Tired of taking your gloves off in the frigid winter air? Don't bother: these gloves have built-in fingernails. Much sturdier than real nails, these would be totally breakproof*. A rigid fingertip design prevents slippage, so your fingertips are snug against them. A custom fit might be nessecary, but who cares? Available in designer colors.

*Okay, so they're darned sturdy.

ophello, Sep 27 2005

(?) Glove with fingernails http://www.cinemare...s/versushero-02.jpg
Baked! The nails look fairly sturdy, too. [Worldgineer, Sep 27 2005]


       I got five thousand dollars, I got five thousand dollars.
JesusHChrist, Sep 28 2005

       So, is that a total of 10k?
RayfordSteele, Sep 28 2005

ophello, Sep 28 2005

       I was just doing the Wayne's World dance on the empty stage because no one was anno-ing. Nice idea.
JesusHChrist, Sep 28 2005

       I thought you were scratching off a lottery ticket with your fingernails, while wearing gloves.
phundug, Sep 28 2005

       Is it really the finger nails that give you dexterity? I used to work in the film industry. Some people would put tight latex gloves over thier work gloves after cutting of the fingers. Kept the water out and allowed them greater dexterity + 5p.
SpocksEyebrow, Sep 28 2005

       I thought textured, rubber coated gloves served this purpose. Or are you looking specifically for letter opening gloves or nail prying gloves?   

       Also, the only reason real fingernails actually work to pry stuff up or open is because they are attached to the finger via a nail bed. How do you propose this is gonna work when the nails are merely attached to a cloth glove?   

       I like your username. it makes me feel all warm and shakespearean inside... : )
k_sra, Sep 28 2005

       i commend ophello and his baking frequency
schmendrick, Sep 28 2005

       I thought the "rigid fingertip design" would solve this problem.
ophello, Sep 28 2005

       I found this site a few days ago. I've got a knack for ideas, I s'pose.
ophello, Sep 28 2005

       Oh, I suppose it does. Could you just give me one or two examples of why you would need nails on gloves? I can't picture it. Also, are these gonna damage the car when I try to open the door?
k_sra, Sep 28 2005

       It's one of those funny things that we don't know we need 'til we're in the moment we need them. I personally cannot recollect an exact example, but I know for certain I've had to take my gloves off becuase they didn't have fingernails.
ophello, Sep 28 2005

       i second [ol'fellow]'s need. hard fingertips on gloves wuld be useful, nails less so, but still a novel improvement.
schmendrick, Sep 28 2005

       ophello: you beginning to talk to yourself? Anyway, the only real way to test whether gloves with fingernails would actually work, would be to build a prototype and see.   

       I'm thinking you should take some old gloves and try gluing various kinds of "nails" on them, and report back on the results. I'm also thinking you want the "nail" to run to at least the second knuckle to give you enough leverage, but perhaps you could experiment with that too.   

       As to things that require fingernals: picking coins off the ground, taking lens caps off cameras, picking your nose. No, wait, I don't do that last one. Ever. Honest.
DrCurry, Sep 28 2005

       If you did, gloves with nails might be useful for sanitary reasons. Especially if you're a doctor. Or eating a very spicy curry.
Worldgineer, Sep 28 2005

       Nice one. Welcome to halfbakery.com!
krelnik, Sep 28 2005

       Would this do anything to the sales of toilet paper?
Dog, Sep 29 2005

       Please explain this "WTAGIPBAN".
ophello, Sep 29 2005

       Wasn't That A Good Idea Posted By A Newbie. It means you've made [krelnik]'s list. Click on his name to see the rest of the list, along with a great newbie guide.
Worldgineer, Sep 29 2005

       I'm...honored! [sniff]
ophello, Sep 29 2005

       What happened to [krelnik]? Check his link! He's gone.
kaeru, Oct 01 2005

       Since nobody's mentioned it, gloves with fingernails would be very useful on boats and other places where one needs to untie bits of string, etc. I have a pair of sailing gloves with the ends cut off thumb and forefinger to address this problem - but I still get cold hands come November. +
moomintroll, Oct 01 2005

       Great idea. Can't believe someone hasn't actually done this yet. Bun.
kuupuuluu, Oct 01 2005

       Sounds like he, [Krelnik], is taking a break. That tis good.   

       Love the idea. I hate taking off my gloves to do simple tasks, like opening my can of sodie pop, picking up stuff, etc.
blissmiss, Oct 01 2005

       His bio mentions that people mistreated him. What gives?
ophello, Oct 01 2005

       Why not have textured gloves with nails on them??? Like a work glove, only with a rubber coating, and add the nails on, or just have add-on nails to the gloves???
nahte123, Oct 02 2005

       I take it you like question marks??? Hopefully you don't really talk like this???
ophello, Oct 02 2005

       whats your problem with ???
po, Oct 02 2005

       Extraneous punctuation annoys me??? Especially when the comment is not a question???
ophello, Oct 03 2005

       Well, one is too little, and five is too many...   

       And I was saying the comment with a questioning tone...
nahte123, Oct 03 2005

       Don't worry about me. I have punctuation issues that I'll have to deal with myself.   

       Frankly, I don't care how many question marks you use. What matters is that we understand each other.   

       Textured gloves would be fine with me. The thing is, I'd imagined that the fingernail gloves would be your average winter glove for outside ventures, though work glove with fingernails would be handy indeed.
ophello, Oct 03 2005

       Just the thing for playing the classical guitar when it's cold. I'd like the right hand glove to have fingernails, and the left hand glove to be without them, please.
English Bob, Oct 03 2005

       I would also have to find a way to solidify the fingertip. Maybe dip it in glue or something.
ophello, Oct 04 2005


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