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Use wire heaters as gloves.
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Mitts make fingers useless. Gloves are almost as bad. Cut off gloves don't work. Why not wear electrically heated wires? Just leave the pads of the fingers bare and enabled. Durable elastic straps around the inner knuckles could hold the gloves on.
goomba, Jan 24 2004


       Just don't go out in the snow...
DrCurry, Jan 24 2004

       Might be useful in an ice-cream eating competition.
benjamin, Jan 25 2004

       Maybe if you insulated the wires in, oh say mittens for example, you could retain that heat.   

       The wires would be insulated enough to prevent shock. The whole point is so that you don't have to use mittens.
goomba, Jan 25 2004


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