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Glowing Mug

A Mug that glows just a little bit.
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When im chilling out, the light are down, TV is turned of and 90% of the times I relax is at night (or at least when its dark).I turn on some music, whatever I prefer at that time and have a drink.. and when it's dark I can't find my Mug :P And when I'm relaxing I don't feel like turning on the light. Just me my Mug* and my Dolby Surround ehehe.

(* = Glowing Mug That Is :PP)

My point being, why not design some kind of Mug with a slightly glowing layer? I would certainly buy it, and I think alot of Wannabe-Trendy-People will buy it to.. and Im sure its possible!

enveekaa, Sep 12 2000

Glowing mug http://www.hsionlin...ilder2/item6226.htm
[emohawkuk]'s link [hippo, Oct 04 2004]


       Fine idea, but quit drinking in the dark; it creeps me out.
Vance, Feb 07 2001

       [see link]
glowing mug! hope that answers it
emohawkuk, Apr 10 2003

       The mug glowage should be powered by beverage heat.
hippo, Apr 10 2003

       Funniest thing I ever saw in a bar was a girl with "FAT SLAG" written on her back in UV marker. She never knew it was there till she entered the disco.   

       What makes it funny was that she did have more than a passing resemblance to one of two characters from Viz comics.
FloridaManatee, Apr 10 2003


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