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Fresh ground coffee mug pocket

Grind beans and don't pour water on them.
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Fresh ground coffee is among the most wonderful scents that I've found on this planet. However, once you pour hot water over it, the ground coffee loses most of this scent.

I propose a coffee cup with a little pocket built on one side of the rim. Fresh ground coffee is placed in this pocket, and held in place with a perforated plastic lid. This pocket is then close to the drinker's nose while the coffee is being sipped.

Worldgineer, Apr 14 2005


       Or use ground coke.+
FarmerJohn, Apr 14 2005

       I'm struggling to give up a 38-year caffeine habit [+]
normzone, Apr 14 2005

       give up the drink and just sniff! +1
po, Apr 14 2005

       [FJ], my psychiatrist says to stay away from people like you...   

       So, you got any??? BUN
daseva, Apr 14 2005

       Yeah, but does that wonderful aroma really work with the actual beverage? I wonder if the ground bean aroma might clash with the brewed bean aroma in the mug. Somebody ought to try this.
oxen crossing, Apr 15 2005

       [OC] My office recently installed a coffee machine that grinds and brews fresh coffee for each cup. The smell is amazing, and I've drank coffee near it. The two scents go together wonderfully.   

       [UB] I thought we've seen you here at all times lately.
Worldgineer, Apr 15 2005

       People addicted to those desserts masquerading as coffee could mix some chocolate in the pocket as well, instead of drinking it constantly and wondering why they are gaining weight when they barely ‘eat’.
Shz, Apr 15 2005

       I agree, [WG]. I also consumed a cup next to the coffee grinder at the local shop yesterday. I was a bit overwhelmed by the combination. Almost too much of a good thing, but I couldn't give it up and walk away.
oxen crossing, Apr 22 2005


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