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Go Ogle, Sentence Finisher!

Don't click search to go ogle results.
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When using the search engine that has predictive text input, often the text prediction is conclusive enough that viewing the results are unnecessary. For example the spelling of difficult words are quickly revealed, as well as simple facts, such as typing "the population of Earth is" will automatically be answered.

If this feature was expanded to a text editor or word processor, the task of research writing could be greatly aided. Of course the search engine would have to be given credit as cowriter in most student papers, and would likely be inadmissible for marking. However, entire factual paper could be easily written simply by starting sentences, and the search engine being entirely responsible to go ogle the databases to find the appropriate information to fill in.

rcarty, Sep 17 2013

Hyperpredictive text Hyperpredictive_20text
[Loris, Sep 18 2013]

Ogle http://www.google.c...oogle-doodle-2002-2
a no go idea [afinehowdoyoudo, Sep 18 2013]


       The problem with this idea is that it tends meaning in Hindi.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 17 2013

       Research writing is meant to be written unaided. Do you think anyone actually read your doctoral thesis on the thematic recurrence of the destroyer-god figure in the theology of the pandoravirus colony living in [UnaBubba]'s cistern? They didn't; all that work was simply to prove that you know how to read and write properly. Making it easier just defies the point.
Alterother, Sep 17 2013

       I was playing with an Android phone the other day and when I tried the messaging app it had a feature with suggested words. Without even typing it had three common words to start a message. I choose the first one. It then suggested another word. I just kept selecting the first word until it wrote out a complete message. Unfortunately it didn't say anything interesting... I was hoping it might resolve to be a very common complete text message, for example "I'll be home in an hour" or at the very least some funny easter egg.
scad mientist, Sep 17 2013

       wtf, lol.   

       Not sure what your issue is, [scad_mientist], works for me
theircompetitor, Sep 17 2013

       //The problem with this idea is that it tends meaning in Hindi.//   

       I was half expecting this to be a dedicated porn searcher.   

       I was playing around with google autocomplete a few weeks after it was introduced - and was fascinated to discover that a single letter was enough to get suggestions.   

       So of course I reviewed the entire alphabet. The most interesting discovery was that 'g' suggested Google.
Now, these suggestions are based on what people are searching for the most. Quite why people are googling for Google I don't know.

       The results are different between google.com and google.co.uk, but there is some overlap. I remember from when I initially did it that there were quite a few celebrities listed. Now however, there are very few (Kim Kardashian still rates). Mostly the suggestions are now well-known companies - with a bias to the web, or for information services.   

       //"the population of Earth is"//
about 7 billion as of 2012.
predominantly bacterial.
all descended from a small group living in Africa, with migration beginning between 125,000 and 60,000 years ago.
on the whole living in denial of their impending mortality.

       (actually - try googling the search including quotes. It's giving me a value with a graph below and information box on the right - and you can get data for different years by mousing.
Loris, Sep 18 2013


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