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Goat Feet

lawnmower shoes for kids and pets
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Shoes for kids and pets that have enclosed rotating lawn cutting blades, the base of the show is a mesh that the grass can find its way through

Each blade is a fly wheel of sorts set in motion by movement, dancing jumping running etc...

As people or animals play or do whatever in the yard they inadvertently cut the grass.

vfrackis, Sep 02 2009

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       Oops, accidentally deleted my anno.
DrWorm, Sep 02 2009

       I like the notion, although i doubt that mesh-soles would not bend the grass, rather than let it through. The 'dabbing' approach does not even work with electric razors on the comparably stiff facial hair, as soon as it's longer than a three o'clock shadow, for instance.
loonquawl, Sep 02 2009

       hmm... rollerblades... [+]
FlyingToaster, Sep 03 2009

       When I think of "goat feet" for humans I think of the kind that bend unnaturally the wrong way, like Ed-209's or that footballing chap, Eduardo.
theleopard, Sep 03 2009


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