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Herbicidal Lawn Edging

Don't mow - install a strip of Herbicidal Lawn Edging
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Tired of your lawn taking over the garden - or the garden taking over the lawn? Why not a lawn edging "strip", that is flexible and can be shaped into curves, which contains a slow-release herbicide which discourages the growth of either grass (on the lawn side) or garden plants (on the garden-bed side). That way you wouldn't have to trim the edges or have to push the mower into the garden beds and that would make my wife v.e.r.y. happy!
Duncan McPherson, Oct 12 2003

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       i need one. excellent.
jonthegeologist, Oct 12 2003

       Edging the lawn with bricks/edging strip set slightly below the height of the soil would be a far more ecologically friendly way of doing this. I'm not totally happy with the use of herbicides if an alternative is possible, though anything that kills slugs is fine by me, the gastropodial witches.
hazel, Oct 12 2003

       It's a good idea, but if you want a very low maintenance/eco friendly way to keep your garden separate from your lawn and almost weed free, get some used jute backed carpet from your local flooring dumpster. Cut a slice for each row, or an x to place bedding plants. Biodegradable and no weeds.

Feel free to delete this.

       Please no Agent Orange and especially not near the garden plants.
FarmerJohn, Oct 12 2003

       Yeah [UB] like rhodedendrons, but that isn't always a good thing. A plant that can stop others growing can take over pretty quickly. The Lake District (UK) is a case in point. Huge areas of countryside have been eaten up by the rhodies and when they are cleared, the topsoil has to be removed as well before native plants can recolonise, a huge and expensive undertaking..and I'd rather have my wormwood as absinthe thanks.   

       [Duncan] Fishbone for using herbicides of any kind and for being anally retentive about the edge of your lawn. If you have such clear lines and bare soil in between the garden ends up looking municipal. Like a traffic island flower display. Just plant dangly things that hang over the edges or use bricks a la [Hazel]'s suggestion.
squeak, Oct 13 2003

       [-] for herbicides. how about perforated tubes + propane? Just ignite the border every other week and enjoy a clearly demarcated lawn edge.
loonquawl, Apr 23 2009


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