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Greener Grass

Make transgenic GFP grass, to make the grass on the other side considerably greener
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So, grass is green. But it could be greener. All the far- blue and UV incident light either goes to waste or makes the grass look a bit blue-er... and blue isn't green. So, using the winder of genetic modification, have green fluorescent protein expressed in every cell, the grass becomes magically greener. So your lawn can ACTUALLY be greener than your neighbour can manage, sports stadiums could have supplementary UV light to create an eerie green glow under the players, and if use becomes widespread, the world becomes a bit brighter.
bs0u0155, Dec 08 2011


       [+] for the image.   

       The problem comes when this stuff starts spreading, causing all sorts of random wildflora to glow green.   

       ...Then again, that would at least make it easy to track down wayward transgenic specimens. Hell, you could do it from Google Earth from night views.
Hive_Mind, Dec 10 2011

       so its the grass on *this* side thats greener?
po, Dec 10 2011

       Could you make blades of grass that were greener on one side than the other?   

       That way, the grass would always be greener just a few feet from where you stood. Would be like chasing rainbows.
mouseposture, Dec 10 2011

       or you could make it fluoresce in the chlorophyll range. [ ] GM can make everything better.
FlyingToaster, Dec 10 2011

       There are now GFP derivatives in a wide range of colours. Therefore, with suitable transgenic strains and careful planting, coupled with some scanning UV lasers, one could create a full colour display.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 10 2011

       [MB]: Might be economically attractive, in the particular case of televised sport(s).
mouseposture, Dec 10 2011

       Yes, there are a wide range of fluorescent proteins available, indeed there are also reversibly photoswitchable derivatives. So you could put a big Budweiser logo on the football field at half time and remove it when the players come back on...
bs0u0155, Dec 10 2011


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