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Goat Thrower

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd... with a trebuchet
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Driving through a mountain pass in a rainforest, with lowering clouds trailing tendrils of mist amongst the darkly mossed trunks, we peered intently into the gloom.

This was where it was supposed to have happened... where the "incidents" were most commonly reported as occurring.

Without warning, there was a massive noise and the dismembered carcass of a goat (perhaps) appeared on the windscreen of our bus. A piercing, roaring scream shattered the stunned silence as the bus driver accelerated violently, taking the next curve at high speed and on two wheels.

Passengers stared carefully at the passing forest, hoping to catch a glimpse / not see what was "chasing" us.

Later, the driver doubled back and slipped Cletus [the leopard] $50 and another dismembered goat.

Here, goatsy, goatsy...

UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012

Presumably inspired by...? Where_27s_20the_20goat_3f
Potential sporting synergies await. [theleopard, Apr 25 2012]


       Why not throw the same carcass over and over again? Especially after, say, it is processed by a taxidermist? Also, if you start with one ordinary accidental roadkill, there is no reason to kill a goat for this purpose.
Vernon, Apr 25 2012

       True enough. It would soon become rather disgusting and smelly, though that wouldn't be something the average nature tourist would notice, initially.
UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012

       Bun for giving me $50. These be hard times...
theleopard, Apr 25 2012

       Well, I figured you'd already developed a prototype goat thrower for your Jurassic Faaark! device. I just put it to a slightly different use.
UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012

       Can only give a bun if, while the trebuchet is being pulled back into launch position, two hands open a goat launching aperture.
4whom, Apr 25 2012

       I almost named this "Goat Tosser" then thought better of it.
UnaBubba, Apr 26 2012

       You haven't the bottle for it, [4].
UnaBubba, Apr 26 2012


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