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Full body blowfish

A new meaning to "rear window".
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The blowfish! What a fine use for a window.

But what if the viewer is a considerable distance, as for example one who is looking thru a telescope at various windows in the crowded city, wondering what might be seen? It is a shame to disappoint these questing voyeurs but it is hard to time things right. Usually they see only houseplants in your window, or you making breakfast,

BUNGCO has the answer! The Full Body Blowfish is a photo taken of the apartment owner pressed against the glass, cut into a silhouette. BUNGCO can print the FBB in vibrant color and for a small extra charge you can affix a small motor to move the image up and down or side to side, as though perversely scratching some itch against the glass.

Your distant telescope-equipped neighbors will not be disappointed!

bungston, Dec 10 2019

Blowfish Tearaways Blowfish_20Tearaways
I love this one. [bungston, Dec 10 2019]

What I thought you meant. https://www.dakkada...7a_74954.jpg__thumb
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 11 2019]


       Excellent, as always from the great bungston +
xenzag, Dec 11 2019

       Available in three delicious flavours:
Shadow of the waxwing slain;
Put 'Em On The Glass; and
Mick Hucknall's pink pancakes
calum, Dec 12 2019


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